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    Wanted AH Quick Detach RMR Mount For CZ 550 Magnum

    Looking for the Mount made by American Hunting Rifles to mount the Trijicon RMR to a CZ 550 Magnum rifle. The quick release version only.
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    For Sale Ruger M77 MKll Hawkeye 375 Ruger Alaskan

    For sale a Ruger 375 Ruger Alaskan 20" Black stainless in a Hogue Overmolded Stock. Includes Leupold rings. Stock has scuffs these overmolded stocks often show the use. A few small shinny spots on the metal where the Black Oxide was rubbed a bit . Check out the photos. $1000 shipped...
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    Average plains game Safari cost - total

    I’m sure it has been asked 100 times but I wasn’t able to find it all together... so here it goes: what is the average or expected total cost for a plains game hunt for let’s say 5 animals one of which will be a larger animal like a kudu. I’ talking start to finish cost from flight from say the...
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    For Sale .416 Rem Mag Ammunition Federal

    FOR SALE: 5 boxes of Federal Premium Safari .416 Rem Mag 400 grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw and 1 Box of Federal Fusion 400 grain. $550 shipped to Cont. US only. Photos show 1 box of Sledgehammer that is not included as they were sold locally.
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    For Sale Swarovski Z6 1-4X24 With #4 Reticle

    FOR SALE: Very Nice Swarovski Z6 1-6X24 Scope with German #4 Reticle. 30mm tube. slight scratch and two small dots under where rings were mounted see photos. No issues mechanically or with the glass. $1000 to your door in the US.