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    For Sale AHR CZ 550 500 A Square Rifle

    What is the price? Will it come with any reloading items? (Dies, brass).
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    505 Gibbs Custom For Sale

    PM sent
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    Possible Source for 500 A Square Brass

    Could you neck up 416 Weatherby brass to 500 A Square? It would have to be done in several steps, but could it be done/would it work? Thanks
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    460 Weatherby For Sale

    Do you have any details? Do any reloading components come with it?
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    For Sale .450 Rigby CZ 550

    Just curious, you mention that you prefer your 458 Lott to the 450 Rigby. Could you let us know why? I also have a Lott, and am looking into getting a Rigby, but mainly just because I always am wanting something “bigger and faster”. Thanks.
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    500 A Square from 450 Dakota?

    Thanks for all the replies. I was just wondering if I could use the action to rechamber it to something still unique, but a little more common than the Dakota. Since the Dakota is so propietary I didn’t know what my options were.
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    Bauska (BBK-02) magazine extension

    Thanks gents, I’ll look into your suggestions.
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    Bauska (BBK-02) magazine extension

    Does anyone know who could extend the magazine capacity of a Bauska BBK-02 action (or if it is possible). I have found a 505 Gibbs with a BBK-02 action, but it only holds 2 rounds. I would like to see if it would be feasible for that action to hold 3, similar to the CZ and MRC actions. Thanks.
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    RUSSIA: Kamchatka Russia Moose Hunt

    Great moose! What rifle/caliber did you use?
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    500 A Square from 450 Dakota?

    Hey all! Could a 450 Dakota be rechambered to a 500 A Square? Since the Dakota is based on the 416 Rigby, and the 460 weatherby (parent case for the 500 A2) is also based on the Rigby, would this conversion be possible? Thanks for any and all insight/advice.
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    Project For Sale

    Would you sell just the PH action?