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  1. lil 2 sleepy

    Buying Flights During COVID

    So as you all know, this year is looking bleak on the hunting front in Africa. I was planning to take the family to the Northern Cape in August, and was days from pulling the trigger on the flights back in early February, but drug my feet and didn't do it. My question is based around the...
  2. lil 2 sleepy

    ARGENTINA: BOWHUNT: Bowhunting, Bleeding & Argentina Red Stags @ Mapu Hunting Lodge

    Over the past 7-8 years I have tried my best to work off my bucket list hunts. Some are small things, others are a good bit larger. Some will be things I may only get to put on the list, but they are a type of goal for me. Some people enjoy hunting turkeys on their farm, others enjoy deer...
  3. lil 2 sleepy

    Ruger 416 Alaskan

    Hi. New to the Forum and wanted to get some experienced veteran's opinions on choosing the right caliber and gun for me. I have never been to Africa, but it is quickly shooting up my list of hunting destinations. With that said I am looking to choose a gun that is versatile as well as...