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  1. meigsbucks

    What about a .375 Wby?

    As great of round as the .375 H&H is, I’ve always thought the .375 Wby might be an even better choice. Same bullets. Due to it’s 100+ fps advantage, a slightly flatter trajectory and a little more energy. Couple those advantages with the ability to fire H&H ammo if needed, it sounds like it...
  2. meigsbucks

    Namibian Safari Trophies Are Finally Here

    My taxidermist delivered my trophies from my 2018 hunt with @Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris . Zoran Saveski’s Highpoint Taxidermy out of Thornville, OH did the work and I’m thrilled with the results. This was my first time using him and it won’t be my last. I’m still waiting on my euro’s of an eland...
  3. meigsbucks

    Prayers for El Paso and Dayton

    Yesterday was a tragic day. Mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. We all need to pray for the families of those hurt by these events. Why do people do this to each other? I heard the Lt Governor of Texas say that, I’m paraphrasing: We have always had guns, we’ve always had evil. But this was just...
  4. meigsbucks

    Chronograph Comparison

    For years I've used chronographs in developing loads. I had one where you shot one shot thru a pair of wire mesh screens. The bullet broke one circuit to start the clock and the second to stop it. Then you had to replace the screens. I then had, I actually still have, an early Shooting Chrony...
  5. meigsbucks

    Effects of firearms purchasing

    I came across these two articles concerning firearms sales. The first concerns slumping sales due to Trump being president (Although next year’s election may change things. Hopefully not.). I know the people on this forum are doing their best to keep gun shops in business. The second is how...
  6. meigsbucks

    Botswana hires Hollywood firm to fight elephant hunting PR

    I just came across this article concerning elephant hunting in Botswana.
  7. meigsbucks

    T/C Encore in Africa

    I had my T/C Encore rifle at the range this week and it got me thinking: This with a couple of barrels might be a good option for PG. Say a .280 and 9.3x74R? Couple that with a Ruger #1 in .458 Lott for DG... a single shot safari. Have any of you taken an Encore to Africa? If so, what...
  8. meigsbucks

    Importance of taking popular chamberings

    On my first safari, buffalo was my main objective, and I wanted whatever rifle I had in my hand to do the job. I took a .416 Ruger and a .375 H&H. My second safari was for plains game only, but included eland. I took a .338 RUM and a .30/06. I took the ‘06 not only for it’s versatility but its...
  9. meigsbucks

    NAMIBIA: Namibia With Jamy Traut

    I just returned from a safari with Jamy Traut at his Panorama camp. My brother Bruce accompanied me as an observer / photographer. The trip began with a flight from Ohio to Atlanta and on to Johannesburg RSA. We overnighted at Africa Sky. I stayed there on my first safari in 2013. Excellent...