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  1. Whacker

    For Sale Leupold Scope & Henry Lever Action

    Scope sold
  2. Whacker

    Hello from Snowy SE PA

    Welcome to AH!!
  3. Whacker

    For Sale Leupold Scope & Henry Lever Action

    Henry has been sold. Still have the Leupold FXII 4x28 handgun scope for sale.
  4. Leupold 4x28mm Handgun Scope

    Leupold 4x28mm Handgun Scope

  5. Henry GoldenBoy .22 Magnum Rifle

    Henry GoldenBoy .22 Magnum Rifle

  6. Whacker

    New member from Missouri

    Welcome from Central Arkansas!!
  7. Whacker

    For Sale Leupold Scope & Henry Lever Action

    Good Evening AH family...I have a couple of items as I was going through the safe I have no need for and going to give you guys first go at them. The rifle I will ship to the lower 47 with the exception of CA to your FFL dealer as long as they accept transfers from individuals. The Scope will...
  8. Whacker

    Hang in there

    That is the biggest obstacle we are facing right now. We are not set up in our homes and farms for weather this cold or snow like this either. 2000 was the last year it was this cold here and we were 2.5 weeks without power then with no generators. We had to pull all the animals into one barn...
  9. Whacker

    Hang in there

    Grew up with one of those in the kitchen along with glass lamps when the power was out. There was no such thing as the luxury of us having a generator back then lol. Was actually thinking of the old kerosene heater the other day lol. It’s out in the shed somewhere still if we ever need it again.
  10. Whacker

    Hello from NC

    Welcome to AH!!
  11. Whacker

    Hang in there

    I thought about going bow hunting earlier since our season is still open til the 28th but I went down the road to the store and there were vehicles flying down the road way to fast, sliding through ditches, crossing my lane...I decided I’m not getting out in this heading across the mountain to...
  12. Whacker

    Hang in there

    We got 10 inches here the day before yesterday and calling for another 6-10 tonight. We have been without power for about 36hrs now but rewired my electric water heater to run off the generator and running drop lights and all the freezers, refrigerator, WiFi, and tv off the generator...we have a...
  13. Whacker

    Doo doo doo lookin out my back door

    I am central Arkansas
  14. Whacker

    Doo doo doo lookin out my back door

    Bout a foot of snow here today unfortunately...85% humidity and 8 degrees right now and the high today. We aren’t used to that around here lol we never get snow hardly. Half the county without power and trees across power lines all over. Haven’t had weather like this in 20 years lol.
  15. Whacker

    Weatherby Fibermark Mark V Japan 26 Barrel .257 WBY Zeiss HD5 3-15x42

    Awesome package deal!! Wish I had the extra money laying around right now!! Awesome long range cartridge as well...very flat shooting and hard hitting.
  16. Whacker

    Wrong headstamp

  17. Whacker

    Got taken

    Hard to tell from the pics...looks as if 3 different factory loads have been put into same box. Remington brass on most and the bullet in the pics appears to be factory Core-Lokts...also looks like maybe a couple Winchester brass and for sure a couple federals. The bent tips could be caused by...
  18. Whacker

    For Sale Leupoold VX3-HD

    PM Sent
  19. Whacker

    For Sale Leupoold VX3-HD

    Can you confirm the tube diameter on the 3.5-10 please sir
  20. Whacker

    For Sale S&W 500 Magnum 8 3/8" Barrel Nikon 1.4-4.5 x 24 Scope

    This is a very nice setup for someone looking to get into handgun hunting. These are very accurate and beautifully put together guns. Great price on a package deal too. I have more than this invested in my .44 mag setup I hunt with. I would have jumped all over this back when I was putting my...
  21. Whacker

    USA: Big Bison Hunt Bull Down

    Beautiful animal!! Hope to be able to come visit your place myself someday
  22. Whacker

    New member

    Welcome to AH
  23. Whacker

    Overpriced Reloading Components?

    Now I’d be in at 50.00 if she was special delivering them
  24. Whacker

    Overpriced Reloading Components?

    No doubt...I’m thinking should be about 4 times that by the price of primers
  25. Whacker

    New Catalog For Marlin Rifles By Ruger

    I’d like one in 44mag to go with my pistol I hunt with sometimes. I have a 1895GBL and it is one of my favorite rifles. It is so fun to shoot and surprisingly very accurate for a lever gun.
  26. Whacker

    Need Bullets

    Midway USA did have 180gr TSX in stock yesterday...I got some for my 308
  27. Whacker

    So the 308 Win seems approved by AH, what about the rifle?

    I had only suggested the savage because it looked to meet your specs very closely. If I were making the decision for myself I would probably be looking at a Winchester Model 70 Featherweight because I love their smooth actions, accuracy, and stocks because the Kimber would be a bit out of my...
  28. Whacker

    300 Grain A frame 375 H&H

    Sry idk what happened with addressing that to the wrong person above...been a very long tiring day I guess I apologize. I was looking though and the old Load you had looked very much identical to some 375 Ruger loads I’ve seen...think it’s possible it was a misprint in the manual?
  29. Whacker

    300 Grain A frame 375 H&H

    @Kevin Peacocke I would be careful with that old load shown. Current load data from Hodgdon website on IMR-4350 shows 75.0gr as a compressed max load with 300gr Swift bullet. Hodgdon data is normally what I use as it is higher normally than my Hornady book. Here is a copy of the Hodgdon load...
  30. Whacker

    So the 308 Win seems approved by AH, what about the rifle?

    Actual weight I saw listed of the .308 was 5.8lbs.
  31. Whacker

    So the 308 Win seems approved by AH, what about the rifle?

    The only thing I can think of that will come close to meeting those specs will be the savage ultralight with the carbon wrapped barrel. They have a 22 inch barrel I believe and come in right at 6lbs. Lightest option I can think of that fits the budget and weight...they have threaded barrel as...
  32. Whacker

    I'll probably have to give up on this idea

    Those look great!! Very cool idea. I have an idea with no clue if it will work or not so some experiments may be at hand. Some parts grow and live off of the proteins within that keep them healthy from the and nails come to mind on us...but antlers I have no clue. It could be due to...
  33. Whacker

    Hand Priming Tools

    This is the one I use...seems to work well. I hand prime all of my reloads with it and never use the press
  34. Whacker

    Colorado Get Together

    Not from Colorado but we are headed there for a motorcycle trip in June...staying at a cabin somewhere I believe in Durango area...not sure where that is from you. Probably won’t have any rifles with me kinda hard to strap on the Harley :oops:. Might could get together for lunch someday though...
  35. Whacker

    Opinions on the Bergara B-14 HMR "6.5 Creedmoor"

    All that matters at the end of the day is if you are happy with it or not. While the 6.5 is by far not my favorite caliber, that is personal preference and it is definitely capable of taking an antelope. I have shot a few Bergara rifles and the ones I have shot have been very accurate. One thing...
  36. Whacker

    Desirable Powders For 300 Grain Swift A-frames, For .375 H&H Magnum?

    I would also add Winchester Staball 6.5 to the list. Reloading data can be found for it on Hodgdon website and it can be found some places still since it’s a newer powder and not a lot of people have loads worked up with it yet
  37. Whacker

    Going In For Surgery Tomorrow

    @TOBY458 a d @Bob Nelson 35Whelen prayers for both of you for a speedy recovery. Hope everything goes well for you my friend
  38. Whacker

    Hello from Georgia

    Welcome!! I’ve always thought of Alaska as being my dream place to live...maybe when I retire that will be my new home. Anyways...there are lots of great folks and knowledge to be found here. I love it here.
  39. Whacker

    First Dangerous Game Rifle - Struggling to decide

    The biggest difference from a reliability standpoint is cycling the action out of shooting position. If the rifle remains straight up and down then either should cycle reliably with no issues. The CRF design comes in to play when you fire a shot off and have to cycle the action as you either...
  40. Whacker

    First Dangerous Game Rifle - Struggling to decide

    One suggestion I would make on the Vanguard rifle...not sure in the .375 but all of the Vanguard actions I have seen are push feed. For the same price up to about 1250 or so you should be able to find a Model 70 Alaskan or Safari Winchester and will have a much smoother action that is a CRF...
  41. Whacker

    Suppression/Silencers On 375HH Rifles

    With the year long wait it takes to pass background and the 1k plus dollars it costs I think I’ll just buy another Model 70 Winchester and spend my wait time on ammo to come back in stock :cool:
  42. Whacker

    First Dangerous Game Rifle - Struggling to decide

    Yea it’s hard right now...just asking cause your budget made me remember something. @Kycrawler has a very nice looking 416 Ruger in the classifieds with scope and a lot of bullets and brass for I believe 2k. It’s a sweet package deal I would have jumped all over if I hadn’t just bought my 375. I...
  43. Whacker

    First Dangerous Game Rifle - Struggling to decide

    I understand you reload?
  44. Whacker

    First Dangerous Game Rifle - Struggling to decide

    That’s a great 375 has quickly became a favorite and replaced all my rifles .300 mag and up. It’s just plain fun to shoot and very versatile
  45. Whacker

    First Dangerous Game Rifle - Struggling to decide

    There is a nice Caprivi for sale in the classifieds section here. Yes it is a very beautiful rifle and would definitely handle anything you ever need one for. If I were looking for one right now I’d give it a serious thought.
  46. Whacker

    First Dangerous Game Rifle - Struggling to decide

    I bought my first one a Model 70 375 H&H last year. I absolutely love it this far but have only used it on smaller non dangerous game to this point. It will be a slight step up in recoil from the 300wby but nothing hard to handle at all. For anything up to buffalo I will stay right there as I...
  47. Whacker

    Why Elephant?

    I am right there with @Kevin Peacocke and @Cam Moon. I don’t have any desire to pull the trigger on one myself either...I would however like to track them to the point of being in close and getting to see them in the wild and experiencing the rush of being among them but I wouldn’t want to shoot...
  48. Whacker

    Getting Ladies Used To Recoil

    Thanks AH Family for all the suggestions. Just thought I would update everyone on the progress and my recent losses I guess is the word. Deer season being quarantined sparked interest in Mrs. Whacker to get out and start hunting as well which resulted in her first deer with the 6.5. It sparked a...
  49. Whacker

    Meat Bison Hunt Late Season

    I’m looking forward to going myself someday. Just to many ifs coming up in my job right now.
  50. Whacker


    I have always bought 100 rounds at first when I started loading each caliber and then as I shoot them I clean and resize the brass. Whenever I start seeing a couple getting bad I get another bag of 50 and keep going. I end up with a couple hundred rounds after a couple years that way seems to...