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  1. enysse

    New guy from the PNW

    Welcome to AH!
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    Jambo from SC country boy!

    Welcome to AH!
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    Cheers from a big bore addict from Canada

    Welcome to AH!
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    New Guy From Northern California

    Welcome to AH, Garrett!
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    New guy - thinking about Africa

    Welcome to AH!
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    Chamber-through erosion on Browning a bolt 375 h&h

    Welcome to AH, I have never had a problem with Browning A-Bolts. Did you clean the gun every year after use? If so I’m surprised there was a problem. If if doesn’t affect accuracy I would just clean the rifle properly and call it a day. Once the damage is done it’s hard to get it perfect again.
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    New trophy room completed!

    Beautiful space you have created!
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris

    Congrats! 7 meters, wow!
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    Hello from NJ

    Welcome to AH, James!
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    Hey ya’ll from Kentucky

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hello from Lawton Oklahoma

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hi from Bush Africa Safaris South Africa!

    Welcome to AH!
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    Welcome to AH!
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    Newby from Colorado

    Welcome to AH!
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    Greetings from a Dreamer of African Dreams!

    Welcome to AH, post a question I’m sure a number of people on AH can give you details on a topic about Africa!
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    Another Colorado Newby

    Welcome to AH!
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    Montana, USA Hunter, Fisherman, Old Guy

    Welcome to AH, Dave!
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    Hello from Maryland, USA

    Welcome to AH, Ed!
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    Greetings from Nebraska

    Welcome to AH, beautiful county in Nebraska!
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    Hello from WA

    Welcome to AH, great gun choice!
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome to AH! Definitely show us pictures of your rifle collection.
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    Hello from USA

    Welcome to AH!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 10 Amazing Days With Motshwere Safaris In South Africa

    Excellent, good to see the whole family hunting!
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    .404 Jeffery build

    What a wonderful project! Cant wait to see the final results!
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    hola from tx

    Welcome to AH!
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    Greetings from Wisconsin

    Welcome to AH!
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    Greetings from Canada

    Welcome to AH!
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    Happy to be Aboard

    Welcome to AH!
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    Can Cape buffalo or Leopard be legally hunted with a handgun in Mozambique?

    Welcome to AH, good luck with the trip planning.
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    Hi From Uk

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hello from Arkansas

    Welcome to AH!
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    New member from MO

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to AH!
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    New member from Texas

    Welcome to AH!
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    Welcome to AH!
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    Young hunter from Minnesota

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hi from France

    Welcome to AH!
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    New member

    Welcome to AH!
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    Why are you here?

    AH is the best hunting website for sharing hunting knowledge among similar minded people. I have met a lot of great people on AH, that I would proudly call my friend. The collective knowledge from the people that frequent this website is mind blowing. I’m not on as much anymore because my job...
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    Obscene Trophy Shipping Costs

    We are all dealing with animals or trophies sitting in Africa right now, it’s frustrating and irritating. This world is pretty unforgiving and messed up. When people ask when I’m going back to Africa, I quote when things go back to normal....period.
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    New member

    Welcome to AH!
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    On a quest from Florida

    Welcome to AH!
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    Greetings from Denmark

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hi from Utah

    Welcome to AH!
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    Greetings from South Africa

    Welcome to AH!
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    Hi again to all!!

    Congrats Jaco!
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    Buffalo, Roan, Sable, Nyala & Impala Cancellation Hunt

    I have been there guys, the hunting is excellent! The food and lodging were excellent. Animal quality and experience was very good. Fun hunt!
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    Welcome to AH!