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  1. Rifle57

    Bullets For Sale 416, 375 & 9.3

    I have some bullets I bought for a friend and he suddenly passed away and I don't need them. So they are up for sale. Prices are shipped in USA ONLY! And NO California or New York. Payment by Pay Pal or check ship when it clears. #1 - 416 cal Nosler 400 grn. solids Dangerous Game...
  2. Rifle57

    For Sale Chamber Reamers

    I have 3 reamers I would like to sell all in good condition. Payment by Pay Pal works best. I can texted a photo if need to. #1 is a PTG 450 Rigby with removable pilot but no bushing. and Go and No-Go gauges. $ 200 shipped in USA. #2 is a 450 Nitro 3.25 JGS with pilot bushing. $ 125...
  3. Rifle57

    404 Jeffery Go Gauge

    I am looking to buy a 404 Jeffery go and no go gauges JGS/PTG/MANSON OK
  4. Rifle57

    Hey new guy from Northern Colorado

    HI every one I am new here and it looks to be a great place to do some good reading and searching for hunting info. I hope to go to Africa to hunt someday. I have been working at my job at a trucking company here in northern Colo. for going on 35 years now and I guess I will be here for a while...