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  1. Happy Myles

    Hunting Buffalo in the Luangwa Valley

    Ibie, one thing I learned while adventuring along the Luangwa River was to negotiate with fishermen for mokoro use before killing a croc or hippo In the river. It got more expensive after the shooting. Kindest Regards and thanks again for the excellent story
  2. Happy Myles

    Hunting Buffalo in the Luangwa Valley

    Your Luangwa River Valley comments bring back wonderful memories. I first journeyed there in 1980. My first adventure there was 30 days hunting , and over the next three years I eventually spent 100 days actually on the ground hunting all over Zambia. Needless to say I loved it and the...
  3. Happy Myles

    Help Shooting Off Sticks

    As as been often mentioned, do a lot of dry firing on sticks at home, focus on trigger pull and follow through. If the crosshairs are jumping slightly keep at it until they do not. When you first get to campi have a discussion with PH on how you are used to having sticks set up. Do not wait...
  4. Happy Myles

    on a lighter note...

    Love at first sight
  5. Happy Myles

    Hunting Buffalo in South Africa vs everywhere else

    I have successfully hunted buffalo all over the African continent. Luckily for the hunter, buff are well scattered. i enjoy the Caprivi. One night in the eastern portion a herd of bufflo were pushed through camp by a lion pride and the tent grounds smelled like a Midwest stockyard the next...
  6. Happy Myles

    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    At the risk of being repetitious here are a few considerations wearing watches hunting in fourth world countries. I do not wear one that glitters in sharp sunlight, do not wear one without a cover if it glows strongly in darkness. A chap riding in a cab in slow traffic in Bangui with is elbow...
  7. Happy Myles

    GLOBAL rescue - Worldwide Emergency Evacuation & Field Rescue, Anytime Anywhere

    You think it cannot happen to you, but it can. Decades ago i was mauled by a leopard I luckily had a good doctor but getting home was arduous. Another safari I had a stomach blockage and almost died because the two doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. A nurse saved my life...
  8. Happy Myles

    Good article on the .450 Ackley

    Here is my 450 Ackley it has taken several elephant and several buffalo. I love it
  9. Happy Myles

    Why is Tanzania so expensive to hunt and is it worth it?

    When it is necessary to chase wildlife off a remote bumpy, dirt strip to land your small charter plane in the middle of nowhere then drive a distance to a tented camp you may be in Tanzania. Or drive ten hours to the same camp. Africa is a huge continent. I have been lucky to have hunted...
  10. Happy Myles

    Why is Tanzania so expensive to hunt and is it worth it?

    So would that be Siku Moja in Kiswahili?
  11. Happy Myles

    Dangerous Game Follow Up - Client and Professional Hunter roles?

    If I happen to be hunting with a new PH, before hunting starts and while relaxing in camp I have a friendly discussion on hunting procedures we will be using including shooting, follow up shots, verbal instructions, personal habits, and so forth. Waiting until something exciting is happening...
  12. Happy Myles

    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    Good work Phillip Glass. this is an enjoyable helpful post. I have for decades spent a lot of safari time in Fly country. Tsetse fly, the most vicious animal in Africa. Some times the best hunting is located in Fly habitat because livestock and people do not get along well with the fly. I...
  13. Happy Myles

    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    A couple of items that will get used on any trip. For an African safari, I leave home the fancy custom huntng knife and take a Leatherman tool. You will use the pliers more than the blade, take a backpacker role of ductape, always have ductape. I keep a head net on my belt, it stuffs into a...
  14. Happy Myles

    Peter Capstick...who knows the truth?

    if he tended bar for awhile, I am sure he was a great bartender.
  15. Happy Myles

    Question about historical safari rifle batteries

    My first long safari fifty years ago was 40 days on African hunting grounds,excluding travel. I took an 06, 375, and a 416 Rigby. They worked great. I took plains game large and small and four Cape buffalo. Thirty years or so ago I dropped down to two rifles, they vary depending on what...
  16. Happy Myles

    Peter Capstick, bartender

    I was born a few months before Peter Capstick. As a young man, if someone offered me the job as a bartender in a swanky lodge located on the banks of the stunning Luangwa river in Zambia, loaded with non hunting women on exotic vacation tours, while I looked for a job as a professional...
  17. Happy Myles

    Peter Capstick, bartender

    Peter was a great writer of Africa safari. Several old time PHs from different parts of Africa have told me his writings did more for the safari business than any other modern writer. I had spent a 100 days on the ground hunting Zambia over time he was supposed to have been there and never...
  18. Happy Myles

    What about a double appeals to you most?

    What appeals to me about my double rifle? When I grasp my 470 Nitro by the barrels, pointed downward, breech on my shoulder, and squint upward at the sun from under my hat brim, I feel I look like Gregory Peck.
  19. Happy Myles

    Which rifle do we crown as the best looking ever?

    Here is one of my favorites, a real dandy in 450 Ackley and very accurate too. I have taken several elephant and a few Cape Buffalo with it.
  20. Happy Myles

    TANZANIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Michael Angelides From McCallum Safaris?

    I believe he is past president African Professional Hunters Association which would indicate he is well respected by his peers. Kindest Regards
  21. Happy Myles

    TANZANIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Michael Angelides From McCallum Safaris?

    I have not hunted with him but know experienced African hunters who have. All gave him high marks
  22. Happy Myles

    Severely bruised middle finger - Need Help Please

    Philip, i have worked with many heavy recoil rifles and never had a bruised shoulder. Like you, after a hard day working uploads at the bench i have a stiff neck. At the bench I like thin leather glove with the already mentioned piece of foam glued inside the glove for the one abused finger...
  23. Happy Myles

    Severely bruised middle finger - Need Help Please

    While training at range with big recoil rifles I tape a small piece of thin foam Kevlar inside a fingerless leather glove on the finger that takes the abuse behind the trigger guard. Additionally, I firmly grip the pistol grip more tightly than on lighter recoil rifles. This will take care...
  24. Happy Myles

    Experiences or the people you are with?

    I prefer the experience, the hunt and the ambiance. I do not need company, my PH and staff are plenty. I make plans and stick to them, I pay my bills promptly and tip well. I can enjoy the ups and downs. If my son cannot go I go alone. My first African safari, fifty years ago i went with an...
  25. Happy Myles

    Advice on calibre

    Before moving up, how well do you handle the 375 H & H? my favorite buffalo rifle is one of my 416 Rigbys. Have taken eight buffalo with my 416 Remington and still prefer the Rigby. I think preference is a result of that particular rifle suiting me rather than caliber. I have used several...
  26. Happy Myles

    Why are you here?

    I joined last Fall after missing my annual African trip due to the Covid Virus which I still caught despite abiding all recommended precautions. I will be 83 my y next birthday so am running out of time for strenuous adventures I enjoy. have been a very lucky man so am not whining and enjoy...
  27. Happy Myles

    6.5-284 Norma Best All-Round Cartridge

    During the past few years, I had read with interest articles extolling the virtues of the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 6.5x284 Norma cartridges. A few years ago I had a 6.5x284 crafted by a fine gun maker. It is a fine rifle and accurate under an inch at 100 yards. I am a hunter not a competitor...
  28. Happy Myles

    404 Jeffery vs 375 Holland & Holland

    Relax and enjoy your South African hunt. Do not make things too complicated. Take an 06 and a 375 and you both will be happy hunters your first trip. Wait for future African ones to fine tune what you may like. There will be future safaris I assure you. I have been going annually for...
  29. Happy Myles

    For Sale 450 Ackley Magnum On Remington 1917

    I love my 450 Ackley Bolt action. Extremely accurate and a great elephant rifle. Several decades ago at the beginning of an elephant hunt in Namibia I stuck a red dot on a box at 100 yards and squeezed off a round at 100 yards. The dot disappeared hit dead center with a 500 grain solid. I...
  30. Happy Myles

    What do you guys do with the hippo?

    Like Mr Glass i use them for great lion bait. Someone once asked why i had shot so many hippos? Because I am a lousy lion hunter. I gave a set of teeth to my dentist,
  31. Happy Myles

    Which is better? Safari Club International Convention vs. Dallas Safari Club Convention

    They are both excellent conventions. I prefer the Dallas Show. Among the reasons, it is the first such convention of the year so the exhibitors are not jaded or booked up early in their convention season. I have made so many friends internationally over the decades it is good to get together...
  32. Happy Myles

    Big Bore for Buffalo-Double or Bolt

    Over the decades i have had good success with doubles and bolt actions of various calibers. I prefer my old 416 Rigby bolt action by Griffin & Howe For buffalo. More flexibility. While out spooring buff you sometimes run into a remarkable head of plains game at a range you had not...
  33. Happy Myles

    Classic Safari Today

    I do not know for sure what qualifies as a classic safari. However, i have been returning annually to hunt all over Africa for fifty years or so. I insist on tented camps wherever possible and plan being on the ground for at least 30 days so that I can adventure wife is a non hunter...
  34. Happy Myles

    What was the most challenging animal you've ever hunted?

    I guess i should have mentioned a challenging moment was thirty years or so ago when I was rolling around on the ground wrestling with a leopard which was trying to chew my arm off in angry. We had been ordered by officials to stop an expensive elephant hunt and take care of a “problem cat”...
  35. Happy Myles

    What was the most challenging animal you've ever hunted?

    I have had so many challenging hunts around the world for decades it would not be fair to single one adventure over others. A few would include hunting a Forest Bongo without a PH in the C.A.R. Forty years ago. A Stone sheep hunt which began after I broke three ribs a couple days before the...
  36. Happy Myles

    Nosler Partition vs Barnes TTSX

    During my early days of African hunting i used Nosler Partition. I switched to TSX when they appeared on the market. I began successfully using them in my 300 Win Mag, 375 H&H, and 416 Rigby taking probably 150 or so African animals. If your rifle shoots them accurately they should work fine...
  37. Happy Myles

    MOZAMBIQUE: Africa 101 Mozambique

    Bravo! Live your dream. I have only hunted down river on the Zambezi Delta. It was different from the many other African countries I have visited. Mostly hunted buff in the long grass. Is Tete pronounced “Tet”?
  38. Happy Myles

    Snakebites - Who Gets Bitten & Who Dies?

    Twenty years or so ago, I took my son and his new bride along on a Tanzania safari. She had never been anywhere adventurous in her sheltered life. One day she insisted on accompanying me on a a buffalo hunt. As luck would have it we came upon the buffalo of a lifetime. Wind right, cover...
  39. Happy Myles

    Favorite movie lines

    From the great movie, Casablanca: ”round up the usual suspects” ”we’ll always have Paris” ”here’s looking at you kid”
  40. Happy Myles

    First Dangerous Game Rifle - Struggling to decide

    I encourage starting with a 375. You may work up from there. i have, over the decades killed a wide variety of dangerous game with and even wider use of big calibers. 375, 416 Rigby, 416 Remington, 470 Nitro, 500 Nitro, 500 Jeffery, 458 Win Mag, 458 Lott, and 450 Ackley. Maybe a couple more i...
  41. Happy Myles

    Hippo hunt: why?

    Great lion bait
  42. Happy Myles

    A Monster Namibian Tusker

    As I recall, some elephant move back and forth from Botswana northward across the Caprivi Strip (Namibia), into southern Angola and back again. Ages ago we picked up a huge track at a water hole on the Botswana border on the Caprivi side and tracked it for two days, giving up when the bull...
  43. Happy Myles

    When did Tanzania become so expensive and why?

    I suspect part of the reason is people are willing to pay more to hunt Tanzania. There are a wide variety of hunt animals located in a variety of adventurous romantic areas located in remote spots. Tented camps with lion and hyena prowling at night. Vistas in the morning and afternoon worthy...
  44. Happy Myles

    Thoughts on Craig Boddington?

    Craig is a good person. The Famous have many people simultaneously pulling on their coattails for attention and there are a few always looking for faults. All in all Craig does a pretty good job. I have known him for years . Once, he invited me on an African hunt which included a couple...
  45. Happy Myles

    Is Africa any more of a health hazard?

    Duct Tape. Never leave home without it. I always have a compact backpacker roll with me and extras in gun case, duffle bag, and day pack. When I get into swamps in C.A.R., in Cameroon, or in the Mozambique Delta i tape my trousers closed. Also use leggings. somewhere I have a photo where I...
  46. Happy Myles

    Is Africa any more of a health hazard?

    I strongly recommend paying for of one of the services like Global Rescue or Med Jet. Over the decades frequenting Africa i have needed medical attention twice. Once in Windhoek, Namibia i was patched up by a wonderful German doctor after i was mauled by a leopard. Then spent the night in a...
  47. Happy Myles

    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    The 22 LR should be thrown in for free and not counted because of its magical qualities for young nimrods . I still vividly recall as a nine year old boy prowling along the winding creek located below our little ranch house. The stream was lined with willows and cottonwood, where I...