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  1. Tra3

    What age to bring a kid on a Dangerous Game hunt?

    My son, father and I hunted PG in the summer of 2018. My son is now 15 and quite proficient with a rifle. We hunt together in NA a lot. Lord willing, this July we return to Namibia to hunt again. (This is a postponed 2020 hunt.) What age do you all think is appropriate to bring a kid on a DG...
  2. Tra3

    Any idea what this is?

    I don’t recognize the round. It is clearly a blank, some type of junk? Or an actual training round? can anyone tell me what caliber this is? I’m this is part of the curios in my father’s house.
  3. Tra3

    Photos/ideas of what to do with extra hides/leather

    I am in need of ideas to use up extra hides. I’m currently in the process of getting broadhead wallets made from leftover Eland hide. I plan to also have made some lightly padded scope bags for QR scopes. The big animals leave quite a lot of extra leather to work with. What else have you all...
  4. Tra3

    Recommendations for the best air rifle?

    I’m looking to buy a very good air rifle for plinking in the back yard. Likely a break open pump style, but I’m open to suggestions. I’d like to be able to hunt squirrel with it. What would you all recommend?
  5. Tra3

    What additional caliber for my R8?

    I seem to have some extra time to ponder life’s great questions. I could use some input on what small/medium caliber to get for my R8. Background: my son as I now have a brace of R8’s with barrels in .375h&h, .300 win mag, 6.5 creedmoor and .22lr. I plan to use the .300 WM for my Western NA...
  6. Tra3

    How much practice time with new rifle is needed?

    I got the chance to handle the R8 again at DSC. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while. My next hunt is in June. I’ll be hunting PG and hippo on land with Louw Lotter of Jamy Traut safaris. How much practice time do I need with a new rifle prior to a hunt? Does the change from a...
  7. Tra3

    ARGENTINA: Has Anyone Hunted At Estancia El Carrizal?

    I’m researching for a hunt in march of 2021. Have any of you hunted at Estancia El Carrizal?
  8. Tra3

    Should I bring the new .375 H&H for elk?

    I have a cow elk hunt (meat) hunt in Idaho next week. Then moose/mule deer in BC and finally elk/deer in MT. I hunt proficiently with my 7 mag. I want to train with my (new to me) .375 H&H. There is a likely chance I’ll be shooting prone 250+ yards. The .375 won’t have a bipod on the barrel...
  9. Tra3

    Can I travel with ammunition, but no rifle?

    I am considering options for a 2020 trip from USA to Namibia (likely via joberg). Can I bring ammo if I don’t bring a rifle? My issue is if we are going to do additional travel so I can potentially avoid bringing guns.
  10. Tra3

    What Scope for .375 H&H??

    I need some guidance. I recently acquired a Sako Safari AIV .375 H&H. I have a swaro 1.25-4 scope for it for a Buffalo hunt. I plan to put a Talley base and then Talley QD rings on. I had thought to get a second scope with QD mounts with the idea that I can also use the rifle for plains game and...
  11. Tra3

    Short and Long range shooting class in Minnesota

    After last summer of range time and then hunting in Namibia I wanted to double down on practicing my shooting skills. I found Pointblank gun training in central MN. It only took one text message and my three hunting buddies and my dad all were in for the...
  12. Tra3

    Minnesota SCI banquet in Hinckley?

    I’d like to know other’s input on attending the event in (MN) Hinckley this year. I went to Vegas SCI in 2017 and 2018, so I’m expecting a much different event. Is it worth it to attend? Should I bring my non-hunter wife? Will there be vendors present? Any input is much appreciated.
  13. Tra3

    Advice for .375 H&H purchase needed

    Thank you all in advance for advice. Having read the threads regarding different brands in .375 H&H I’m curious to see if there are any updates now that we are in 2019. Some parameters: I really like the 3 position wing safety. I am 5’8” and 158 lbs of marathon-running elk hunter. I might use...
  14. Tra3

    New from MN / MT

    This site was very helpful in planning for my first safari this past summer, I’m glad to finally join! I grew up in Montana and Minnesota and began hunting in the late 80’s in MT when technical hunting gear included jeans and a cotton sweatshirt. My dad, son and I hunted in Namibia with PH Louw...