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  1. oak22

    Bongo Taxidermy Pictures

    Jewel of Africa
  2. oak22

    White Rhino Taxidermy Pictures

    White Rhino Pedestal Mount
  3. oak22

    World's Smallest Antelope Taxidermy Pictures

    This the world's smallest antelope Bate's Pygmy Antelope Harvested in the rain forest of Cameroon Size of a Cottontail Rabbit Will be Top 10 in SCI record book Taxidermy wildlife art created by Capp's Taxidermy Studio, Don Capp
  4. oak22

    Capes, Skins, etc...

    I hate to see a empty space so if ever in need of any capes, life skins, etc. for North American, Africa, etc... just visit the web site and call or email me. Thanks :)
  5. oak22


    I just join your hunting forum. I'm Don Capp and I run a taxidermy studio downtown in the middle of small town in Montana.--Capp's Taxidermy Studio LLC. I have been running my Studio for about 36 yrs now and do quite a few critters every year for all around the world, game, birds,fish , etc...