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    WANTED: Hunting In Germany

    Planning to go to Germany in October. Looking for a good outfitter to go with. Free range game is preferred. Thanks Rocco
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    Is it taboo to hunt White Lion

    I'm going to South Africa to hunt White Lion. I would like to know if anybody hunted the White Lion and like to know from the African people if it's taboo or good luck to hunt the White Lion compared to the normal Yellow Lion.
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    Bowhunting Elephant in South Africa

    Hi Guys Is it legal to hunt Elephant with your Bow? I'm getting different answers from different people. And if it's a yes, what's the requirement of your bow equipment have to be set at ?
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    500/416 Double Barrel Rifle

    Hi Guys I was thinking of getting myself a 500/416 double barrel rifle for the big 5. Question. Which one load only should I use ( the 410 gr or the 450 gr from Norma or other ). I like to get one load and sight it in for the life of the rifle. Also, why was the 500/416 ever invented. What's...