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    375 H&H and 458 Win Mag

    my brief example states both bullets have SD of .356. I made no statement one way or the other to bullet weight or to any particular bullet construction. All other factors being equal, would you agree that a long narrow bullet would be more prone to bend than a short fat bullet with both...
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    375 H&H and 458 Win Mag

    i'm going out on a limb and grasping for straws on this one, but one could argue the .458 will possibly penetrate "better" and by "better", I mean this: I believe we will all agree that for the most part, sectional density plays a material role in a bullet's ability to penetrate. In a perfect...
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    Field of View

    simply asking a question
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    Field of View

    Thank you for the responses. yes, 10 yards is the distance i was curious about. I was looking through my leupolds in 2-7x (which i believe is actually a 2.5x on the lowest setting) and a 2.5-8x and best i can tell it's around 2-1/2' FOV at 10 yards. I was curious about the 1.5x as i have one...
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    Field of View

    Would somebody be willing to provide the approximate field of view at 10 yards for one of the leupold 1.5-5x variable scopes at low power (1.5x)? Ideally a VX3i, but I imagine all the models would have a similar FOV. Thank you, C.R.
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    New .416 Rigby Arrived!

    Both rifles are dreams of hunting Africa crafted into steel and wood; simply gorgeous and classic.
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    Thinking of getting a new "truck gun"

    when i think of truck gun, rather than focus on the cartridge, i'm a bit more concerned with the size and weight of the rifle. I think of having to manage the rifle while i'm inside the cab or quickly retrieve the rifle from it's storage spot within the cab.............. to me, this reeks of...
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    Two scopes for .375 H&H

    IMO, you already have close to perfect two rifle setup (cartridges and optics pairings) for anything you might hunt. the .375 with the 2-10x can handle from the smallest antelope up to any of the DG. And why some may say it's marginal for DG, it definitely capable if you were to run across a...