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  1. Husker-in-WA

    Transporting Namibian trophies to South Africa for Taxidermy

    After my upcoming Namibian, Kalahari area, hunt I'm considering having my trophies shipped to or picked up by my taxidermist in South Africa. What are the issues I need to know about to get it done. Permits. Dip and Pack. Timeline. SA taxidermist pick up? Shipping companies. Costs. I...
  2. Husker-in-WA

    SOUTH AFRICA: Cruiser Safaris Hunt 2016

    Cruiser Safaris 2016, September 04 - 14. Hunting Cruiser Safaris was a unique experience for this old hunter. Hunting in Limpopo province of South Africa on lowland bushveld was challenging. Desert like conditions with thick bush reminds one of parts of the southwest United States. It's...
  3. Husker-in-WA

    Who's the best for a first timer

    I'm having a tough time deciding who to choose. Did my research for a Plains Game hunt and got feedback from each. If anyone has been to two or all three, I would appreciate your feedback. My top three are Limcoma, Cruiser and Lianga in Limpopo, not necessarily in that order. Can't believe...
  4. Husker-in-WA

    Safari dittos to all

    Just a short note of introduction. I am a native of Husker land-- Nebraska for those who are curious, currently living in WA. I have hunted all my life and recently became interested in Africa after reading Peter Capstick's books on the subject. Reading the postings on has...