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  1. oak22

    SOUTH AFRICA: From Cape Town To The East Cape Huntershill Safaris

    Hunted with huntershill and harvested some amazing game , all went silver and some gold buff ,steenbok and sable Janson is the best ph and can dance Would recommend them without a doubt Will be back
  2. oak22

    REPORT: Beware of Images of Africa

    This guy is just bad news, very unprofessional . I have had clients that used him as pack and dip and he would never communicate and when he did, he would try to talk them into having him mount their items and then nothing again for months and he would only use a shipper that was way to...
  3. oak22

    REPORT: Disappointed with Taxidermy by Wild Africa Taxidermy

    This is a good thread but all of this guys problems can be taken care of very simply and on how to never have this problem again First off the skulls have grease still in them and must be degreased and whiten again. The mount must be redone by buying a freshly tanned springbok cape and brought...
  4. oak22

    How to attach top and bottom of warthog skull?

    I first rough sand the jaw sockets so glue will hold then I use gorilla epoxy, mix it up and apply to lower jaw sockets and behind the front teeth, tape together for a min of 6 hrs and put on a panel or whatever and your done.
  5. oak22

    Bongo Taxidermy Pictures

    Jewel of Africa
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    White Rhino Taxidermy Pictures

  7. oak22

    White Rhino Taxidermy Pictures

    White Rhino Pedestal Mount
  8. oak22

    World's Smallest Antelope Taxidermy Pictures

    This the world's smallest antelope Bate's Pygmy Antelope Harvested in the rain forest of Cameroon Size of a Cottontail Rabbit Will be Top 10 in SCI record book Taxidermy wildlife art created by Capp's Taxidermy Studio, Don Capp
  9. oak22

    Getting trophies home??

    New Zealand trans is pretty simple. 1st , contact the taxidermy studio that you will be using and have them make up some of their shipping tags for you + broker POA papers. Here at my studio, the laminated tags will have your info on one side and on the other side it will have the shipping info...
  10. oak22

    Horn Care

    it depends on the animal. If it's a critter that the horns stay on like a wildebeest, impala, etc.. then they will be be boiled and cooked to death. They will be cracked and dark and with holes drilled in them. All the soft bosses are off them and the grease is boiled into the horn. The best you...
  11. oak22

    Best "In-Africa" Taxidermists?

    I would like to say a little something about the USA taxidermist. The professional US taxidermist is self employed and is not like most clients that always have a salary income coming in every month and must rely on clients to bring in new and pickup their items for our paycheck. The...
  12. oak22

    Trophy Shipping Air vs Ocean

    Air. Plain and simple.....:cool:
  13. oak22

    Recommendation for clearing agent and taxidermist in Southeast

    Go with Coppersmith for brokers. They are great to deal with-before and after the hunt.Check out the taxidermist work and rates and you do not have to go local. Some of the best are not right around the corner. For example,my studio has MAJOR freight discounts and NO sale tax and deal with a...
  14. oak22

    Report of our Actual Expenses to ship trophies out of Namibia

    Wow. That is a lot . I know that the most any of my clients have paid was 2600.00, and thats for some heavy trophies or lots of plains game trophies out of Namibia,south or Zim.. And thats having the client shipping their trophies to coppersmith in Seatac Wa. and then being shipped to my...
  15. oak22

    Taxidermy and shipping of trophys

    I of course would say bring them back to the USA to have done. Its alot easier than you think to have them shipped/etc....and you can check on them anytime you want to. Just pick out a african taxidermist and all will be fine..Contact your taxidermist before you go so they can supply you with...
  16. oak22

    Taxidermists doing Warthog rug mounts?

    That is a very easy job, I have never done a warty on one but have done many wild boars-razorbacks,etc.. Its just like a bear rug with head-open or closed mouth,padding and 2 colors of felt and then machine sewn and with d-rings on it for hanging.....and they don't take up much room........:)
  17. oak22

    Taxidermy Pricing

    What I would suggest that you go to all these sites and compare rates but also the work an the get a hold of the taxidermist and request references and the after you have picked one out they will supply you with all the broker papers,tips,tags,etc....just like I do for all of my clients...Have a...
  18. oak22

    Is the .338 Federal OK for plains game?

    I grew up shooting a .338 and it has never let me down.I have taken everything from coyote to Ak. brownie with it. Myself I reload 200 gr nolser accubond and with a shepard scope , I have no problem taking down elk, etc. at long range with a single shot. In my opinion its the best rilfe you...
  19. oak22

    1st timers animal choice!

    I would have a big wish list for Namibia. Take as many as I can a day. Zebra is a must-nothing says African more that a zebra, one rug, one pedestal, Kudu, Oryx, Warty, Bluey, Eland, Red Hartebeest, Baboon, Giraffe, all big critters-no small ones on this trip and what ever shows up like a...
  20. oak22

    South Africa or Namibia ?

    When I go over to hunt-which will be in 2010, 2011 I will only go to Namibia for the time. I do a lot of trophies taken in Africa and I think Namibia offers some great hunting for plains and others but that is my opinion. Have fun.....:D
  21. oak22

    Capes, Skins, etc...

    I hate to see a empty space so if ever in need of any capes, life skins, etc. for North American, Africa, etc... just visit the web site and call or email me. Thanks :)
  22. oak22

    Shipping salted capes and horns to USA

    You really want to get the broker info BEFORE you go over. At this studio I supply the clients with a detailed pac which includes some of the following -- laminated shipping tags with the hunters name on one side and all the shipping info on the other side, broker shipping tags, power of...
  23. oak22

    Taxidermy Pricing

    Check prices but also check the work and then call them and find out if they know anything. Most hunters will know within a minute of talking with someone if its true or lie. Some are good and some are not and some do not have a clue..... Have fun . :wow:
  24. oak22


    I just join your hunting forum. I'm Don Capp and I run a taxidermy studio downtown in the middle of small town in Montana.--Capp's Taxidermy Studio LLC. I have been running my Studio for about 36 yrs now and do quite a few critters every year for all around the world, game, birds,fish , etc...
  25. oak22

    Buffalo mounts - ideas and pics

    I will put some up on my site if I can find the right card - I have a guy that dose that for me but I have a pedestal to do soon that is part of an order taken in Zim last year so I will take a pic of it hopefully before I crate it up and put it up on my site---it's been awhile since I uploaded...
  26. oak22

    Buffalo mounts - ideas and pics

    Buffalo You can pick out a pose on what ever you have space for. If you do a wall shoulder mount and the buff will be place high on the wall, do a left, right or str, and have it on a full sneak so you can see the bosses, low on the wall you can do a semi-sneak. The pedestal is the only way to...
  27. oak22

    Picking a taxidermist?

    Taxidermist Call or visit the shops. Make sure they are professional taxidermist that taxidermy is all they do and not a part-time one with a "real job". Look at their work for you are buying their talent and every one is different. Rates are so-so as long as they are in the ballpark as most...
  28. oak22

    Giraffe cape mount

    Mount I like the pedestal mounts . Put the giraffe on a floor mount that you can wheel it around for different places in the room and have it mounted starting at the base and have it curved around and then looking at you and then have it eating a tall and bushy green plant-real or not and it...