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  1. Pinesi

    Compound Bow Quivers

    used a cheap sling bag off ebay and half the plastic tubing my arrows come in wrapped in paracord. I can attach the quiver to my waist using 2 belts attached to my waist/thigh, or carry it slung over the shoulder and store the belts in the bag. The bags nice and small but big enough for all my...
  2. Pinesi

    Hiking Rifle cartridges

    I carry the flavor of the day and depends on if it is a day hike or over night. It will vary between my carry 38spl (Smith), a 4" double action 22 revolver (Colt or Smith), 357 mag revolver (Ruger or Colt), or 4" 41 mag revolver (Smith)... or just a camera. There are bears in the mountains in my...