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  1. Whisstle

    Can you remember your first African animal?

    Like it was yesterday! May 2014, Kubusi Safaris, My son and I doubled on Zebra. My first, his third. Use the photo as my avatar.
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    7mm mag. Accubond

    Did not use AB on our Safari. However we use them on whitetail/hogs. Most are one shot kills with devastating wound channels. Only had one not completely pass through. 300 Win Mag, 185 lb whitetail shot quartering away. Entered ribs and traveled through the opposite shoulder. Recovered...
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    ALERT!!!! Important Notice for All Who Imported And Exported Trophies Into or From the U.S.

    I’m a lifelong hunter/fisherman. It’s part of my heritage. My trophies were imported in 2015 so I’m not part of this current issue but if I were, I’m not sure I’d opt out. A big part of me wants to “draw a line in the sand” and stand up to these bullies! I’m retired and have plenty of time...
  4. Whisstle

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt Kubusi Safaris 2016

    Great post/photos. Keep it coming! My son and I hunted with Kubusi in 2014. First class outfit! We had a great trip. Ed could use some communication skill improvement. We learned that calling him was far better than e-mails.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My African Safari Hunt With Kubusi Safaris

    Looking forward to the "rest of the story"....just getting to the good part!
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    Santa came early! Trophies delivered!

    Finally got a chance to work on my bases. I used the materials from the shipping crate. They turned out OK but I hope to build something better in the spring. These will do for now. Here are some photos.
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    Santa came early! Trophies delivered!

    Working on the pedestal bases. Hope to have them done soon and then will get more photos up. Here's a couple.
  8. Whisstle

    Santa came early! Trophies delivered!

    Mounts from my 2014 hunt with Kubusi Safari. Took awhile to get them here but I'm going to love unwrapping these!
  9. Whisstle

    2014 Trophies Finally in my Hands..

    Very Nice! Still waiting on mine!
  10. Whisstle

    Taxidermy Skin Wall Mount

    Nice! Mine should be on the way soon. Can't wait. How did you hang it?
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    Intro from an aspiring hunter

    Hi on, I hunted with Kubusi last June. Great place/people! You are in for the trip of a lifetime!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Plainsgame With Kubusi Safaris East Cape

    That he is! We doubled on Zebra and the fun began. I didn't think we'd ever get them loaded. I wasn't much help as I had arm surgery 6 months prior to our trip.
  13. Whisstle

    SOUTH AFRICA: Plainsgame With Kubusi Safaris East Cape

    We went for 7 days and were pretty much done in 4. Took 11 animals in all. Started to shoot more but decided we would plan a return trip instead so we saved some for next time. I saw the Giraffe hunt video on Kubusi's page. Wow! Great shot on a great animal!
  14. Whisstle

    SOUTH AFRICA: Plainsgame With Kubusi Safaris East Cape

    My son and I hunted with Kubusi in late May. We also had the good fortune to be guided by Hennie. He is as you say a hunting machine and a blast to be around! In fact all of the PH's we met were top notch as was Longmon, our tracker. . Wish we could have stayed longer but we certainly...