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    Black Giraffe Hunt With Bayly Sippel Safaris 2020

    Keep him there until next August.
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    Black Giraffe Hunt With Bayly Sippel Safaris 2020

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    SOUTH AFRICA: Kudu Heaven

    For one thing or another this report has been a long time in coming. Wik, my apology. Hunted with @Game 4 Africa Safaris and the Coetzee Family last September 2016. Actually it was a hunt that I purchased on this site in 2015 of a 10 day Kudu hunt. As many Kudu as your budget allows. Ended up...
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    Nyala Bull Hunt Eastern Cape South Africa

    You will not believe the size of the Nyala these guys have. THE BEST Nyala hunting in SA.
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    5 Package Hunts With Free Day Fees & Dream Come True

    Hunted with Wik in September. Took 7 big Kudu bulls, along with 5 other species including a huge Nyala. Best part of the hunt was for ostrich. Chased them for the better part of the day. Could not get close. Finally in late afternoon one finally presented a shot. Wik ranged it 444 yds. Couldn't...
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    Spiral Horn Slam Hunt Only $5,500

    Just finished up a 10 day hunt with these guys last week. THE greatest Kudu hunting in the world. I purchased one of their two Kudu hunts last June that was posted on this site. As many Kudu as you wanted. I took 7 trophy bulls. Only thing that stopped me from taking more was a thing called...