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  1. Thomas Taxidermy

    SOUTH AFRICA: Anyone Hunted with FM Safaris

    Wondering if anyone has hunted the northern cape with FM Safaris? Any feedback is a greatly appreciated! Thanks John
  2. Thomas Taxidermy

    No buffalo

    Two years ago today, I took a great buffalo in Zim. hunting with Shingani Safaris. As of today, there is still no paperwork to make it exportable! I'm told by the taxidermist that she has been that trying for over a year to get Riaan to produce the documents needed and now it is pretty...
  3. Thomas Taxidermy

    ZIMBABWE: Bad Hunt With Shingani Safaris

    I purchased a hunt at the SCI convention in 2009 with Shingani Safaris. The hunt was for buffalo and was to take place in the Binga area. My friend and I also wanted Sable. Riaan said this was no problem. We also paid for a 1 on 1 hunt. Riaan Vosloo told me that he would be my PH on the hunt...
  4. Thomas Taxidermy

    Trophy not delivered to dip and pack - Need some advice!

    I and a friend went on a buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe last September. TO date, our buffalo still haven't been delivered to be dipped and packed. The whole hunt was a train wreck and we got nothing that we paid for exept the buffalo. I was getting the run around from the PH, but now no replies to...