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    Reimbursement from South African Airways

    Good morning All... As As many of you know South African Airways (SAA) is basically default at this point and not functioning. I had a hunt planned for April 2020 and still cannot get anyone on the phone from South African airways in order to assist me or the travel agent in refunding two...
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    SCAM ALERT-Beware US Airways & Star Alliance

    Dear Fellow Hunters.... I would just like to alert each and every one of you before you spend that hard-earned money to fly away to the dream hunt. This is the second time that US AIRWAYS has deceptively managed to gain business based on their dividend miles and have not come through...
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    CANADA: Lac Suzie Outfitters Moose Hunting Report 2012‏ Negative

    Dear Fellow Hunters.... I am providing a hunting report/assessment of the outfitter in Quebec, Canada know as ........LAC SUZIE OUTFITTERS. I was NOT impressed by any part of this camp during a rifle moose hunt October 2012. This was one week after the archery season and needless to say there...