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  1. .308

    Prvi Partizan Ammunition and Gemsbok

    Thanks everyone I'll take everything in consideration. The Wildebeest that I shot was at about 115meters. After going through bone, lungs and heart, I recovered the round under the skin on the other side. I weighed it and it maintained 85% of it's original weight. To such an extent that I...
  2. .308

    Prvi Partizan Ammunition and Gemsbok

    Hi all I'm planning a hunt in August with a Gemsbok on the cards among others. My question is would the Prvi Partizan 170gr 11Grom for .308 be sufficient for this animal. I've shot a Blue Wildebees with these, but the question is if this round would be good enough especially if the distance...
  3. .308

    Gemsbok Hunting in Africa

    Let's see if this works. First time for me. Found on Youtube...
  4. .308

    HUNTING Eland

    Maybe one day when I'm big I'll be able to hunt an Eland. I regularly hunt with Prvi Partisan 170gr Grom for .308 One day.....
  5. .308

    So which caliber should I get...?

    Well, I went ahead and bought myself the Voere .243 today. This is a twin to my Voere .308. The two rifles are identical in appearance except for obviously the calibre. Test fired it today and got a grouping the size of a R2 coin from 100 meters. Cannot WAIT to take ownership........
  6. .308

    So which caliber should I get...?

    Okay. So the .243 it is then. I actually hit an amazing luck today. As I said, I have the Voere .308 and I came across a Voere .243....... The two rifles look identical, it's in incredibly good condition, so I think I might just take it. I love my .308, so having the .243 from the same...
  7. .308

    So which caliber should I get...?

    Hi all I hope somebody can give me some insight and advice. I currently own a Voere .308 and looking at buying a Howa, but I can't decide what caliber. It's a toss up between a .243 (my current choice) and a .223. The plain is to use this rifle for animals like Springbok, Blesbok, Impala and...
  8. .308

    Hello from La$ Vega$

    Welcome Gatties Nice to now be able to chat to you here and on FlyAfrica .308 (DualD)
  9. Blesbok from Newcastle

    Blesbok from Newcastle

    Shot at 80m with .223 80 gr
  10. Blue Wildebeest from Colenso

    Blue Wildebeest from Colenso

    Shot at 100m. Voere .308 170 gr Privi. First animal to be taken with the new scope
  11. Zebra from Colenso

    Zebra from Colenso

    Shot at 120m. Voere .308 with 170 gr Privi
  12. .308

    Nikko Stirling Nighteater 8 x 56

    Hi all I'm looking at putting the Nikko Stirling Nighteater 8x56 scope on my Voere .308. I've heard some mixed feedback about the rifle recoil being to hard on the scope but then others say it would be perfect. Any advice?
  13. .308

    Which round is the best?

    Okay, so I just went ahead and bought some Privi 170gr soft points. Now I'm happy. Thanks for all the advice.
  14. .308

    Which round is the best?

    Excellent! Thanks guys. Time to change then for me.
  15. .308

    Which round is the best?

    If I may ask, why would you not use the FMJ? I currently have the Lapua 170gr FMJ .308 win
  16. .308

    What animals you guys add to your list of animals after hunting Africa

    Going next week for Kudu, Zebra and Nyala. All on top of my list.
  17. .308

    Which round is the best?

    Hi all. Very nice forum. Only just stumbled across it. So here's my question. Which is the best round for plains game. I am currently hunting with 170gr FMJ's but wondering if I shouldn't go for a lighter weight soft point. Going for Kudu, Nyala, Impala and warthog. Any suggestions?