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    South Africa is open!

    South African Airways internatioñal flight status (their website 20210223) ... "Trans-national commercial air travel is however conditional as many countries battle with fluctuating rates of infection and/or new waves of infection. For now this has necessitated that all SAA operated flights...
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    South Africa is open!

    We can only hope SAA is monitoring this,Artschool.. Alaska is starting to look better everyday! ...BTW Peacook, ... if you dont complain and stick up for yourself then you deserve what you get ... maybe you are accustomed to that but I am surely not that kind of guy... Charles Member SCI...
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    South Africa is open!

    I figured that a bank I've been doing business with for more than 20 yesrs would be more secure than a CC. ... little did I know. ... I assumed that after shelling out Big 5 money and Global Rescue money, I was prepared for snything. I guess I wasnt prepared for a world pandemic! To make...
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    South Africa is open!

    Let me fill you in on a little secret, me and others who have not received services from SAA are called customers. Regardless of your idea of "many options" to come, when you start ripping off your customers things just dont return to normal because of the bleeding hearts who say "move on and...
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    South Africa is open!

    Spike .... I ask because this possibly may be one of only two " primary" options to get to Joburg from the US that makes sense. Think "basic economics" ... if Delta is the only efficient option of getting to Johannesburg from the US ... what do you really think will happen to the already...
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    South Africa is open!

    In the USA, where much of their international commerce is from, that's called "common business practices" ... if its called a miracle in SA then thats what I am looking for ... anything else is called "common theft of service". Thanks, Charles Member NRA, SCI, RMEF, etc.
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    South Africa is open!

    So what about their "defunct" SAA? Are they reimbursing Americans whose money they took and couldn't provide service during COVID? I have two (2) tickets that weren't used... where's the refund or the voucher??? Please Advice so I can pass this on to my travel agent. Thanks, Charles Member...
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    Reimbursement from South African Airways

    All... Thanks for the suggestions. I have reached out to my travel agent to review this thread and to act on the cancelation and continued effort to refund my money. I will keep you updated on the events as they occur. Thanks, Charles Member NRA, SCI, RMEF, etc.
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    Reimbursement from South African Airways

    As stated, I paid Through Citizens Bank directly to South African airways.... Therefore I did not use a credit card. I have written to them to request the Refund to their emailAddress pertaining to refunds. I have also called both the Fort Lauderdale office and their headquarters in South...
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    Reimbursement from South African Airways

    Good morning All... As As many of you know South African Airways (SAA) is basically default at this point and not functioning. I had a hunt planned for April 2020 and still cannot get anyone on the phone from South African airways in order to assist me or the travel agent in refunding two...
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    CANADA: Lac Suzie Outfitters Moose Hunting Report 2012‏ Negative

    If I pay for a tent under the stars in Namibia or a drop camp for elk in the Mountains that's what I expect. If I pay for a cabin with expectation that I am getting better than average amenities that's what I expect...and pay much more for this than I do for a drop camp. We pay for what we...
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    CANADA: Lac Suzie Outfitters Moose Hunting Report 2012‏ Negative

    In America we believe that a man's word is his bond. So based on what the outfitter says he CAN provide, I booked the hunt. I chose to do so, I had numerous options. The very notion of anything less is insulting. Although the cabin was comfortable and new (which is what I paid for), there was...
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    SCAM ALERT-Beware US Airways & Star Alliance

    Dear Fellow Hunters.... I would just like to alert each and every one of you before you spend that hard-earned money to fly away to the dream hunt. This is the second time that US AIRWAYS has deceptively managed to gain business based on their dividend miles and have not come through...
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    CANADA: Lac Suzie Outfitters Moose Hunting Report 2012‏ Negative

    Dear Fellow Hunters.... I am providing a hunting report/assessment of the outfitter in Quebec, Canada know as ........LAC SUZIE OUTFITTERS. I was NOT impressed by any part of this camp during a rifle moose hunt October 2012. This was one week after the archery season and needless to say there...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Ingogo Safaris

    Gals and Gents.... I am also planning a Cape Buffalo hunt and would like info on an outfitter, "Ingogo Safaris" out of RSA. They seem to be competent but I can't find much info on them on-line. I don't put much credence in reviews from "previous customers" so am looking for an unbiased...
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    Free Hunt from Spiral Horn Safaris for 2011

    African Huntin' with my wife... Member of SCI, NRA, Ducks Unlimited Life Member North American Hunting Club Its great to be married, but to find a woman who enjoys your passion to hunt and the outdoors, and may even enjoy the meat more than you do (its hard to surpass a properly cooked...