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    African Outfitter magazine

    I have a subscription through Magzter (electronic versions) and the latest they have is May/June, also 2 issues behind...
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    CZ 550 9.3x62 second recoil lug?

    Thanks all, As I suspected. I mean Tikka has one single lug and its small and not very robust. I was sanding out the barrel channel on the new stock and the recoil lug surface in the stock has a substantial steel plate on it and 2 cross bolts. I am sure it will be quite fine! Thanks
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    Best work rifle option?

    You made the right choice. I have shot .308's in the Zastava and out of the box Rem SPS. Also shot other Zastava chamberings (in SA and Canada) and other Rems over the years ( most recently a very disappointing .30-06 CDL that's a 3MOA rifle at its best). My friends first hunting rifle was a...
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    CZ 550 9.3x62 second recoil lug?

    Hi all. I just replaced the full length stock on my CZ 550 FS 9.3x62 with an older CZ 550 American stock, also from a 9.3x62. The CZ's use a second under barrel recoil lug dovetailed into the barrel. CZ obviously changed the location of the lug as the 'new' stock has the lug recess a bit...
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    450 Ackley build using a Zastava

    Terry Weiland has written about his .450 Ackley on an FN98, same action dimensions as the Zastava but I am not sure what he did for a magazine.
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    6.5x55 .308 Win 9.3x62
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    ZIMBABWE: Nyakasanga Buffalo With Buzz & CMS

    Very cool, good shooting
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    New member

    Hi all, Lurked for a while on AH but decided to join! South African who lives in Alberta. I have hunted in SA (Limpopo, KZN, Free State, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape) and once briefly in Zim. Have traveled to a few African countries and worked in the conservation and eco-tourism sectors in SA (and...