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    Death on the Gold Coast

    Other than Santa Rosa Island, Hunting in California is something I knew very little about until 3 or 4 years ago. The opportunities there are great though! I finally watched this DVD yesterday and overall I was pretty impressed. The editing, as with most all Big Bore Production's videos, was...
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    Informative article on the Lion issue in Africa

    I found this article last night when I was trying to find proof to defend myself when a friend of mine told me how he didn't like that I went on a lion hunt in Tanzania 2 years ago. With a little talk on here lately on the issue I figured I'd post a link to the article. If I remember right it...
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    Elk hunting DVD on Santa Rosa Island

    I heard they are coming out with a film dedicated to Santa Rosa island, any word on when that might be out? Anyways, I'd love to buy ALL their videos, a bit out of my price range though for a hunting DVD (although probably worth the quality). I may just save up and get them some day though, I...