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    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    What a DREAM!! I'm getting married soon so hopefully that brings me some luck, better put it to the test and submit a few of my pictures! Here's to hoping... Here are two from elk hunting Utah And a trophy shot from another Utah elk hunt Here's a happy family doing some Pronghorn hunting...
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    British Columbia Moose Hunt Cancellation

    If I wanted to book a father/son hunt can we keep it on one tab where one of us hunts the moose for 10k and the other hunts the caribou for 6k?
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    Meet Up with Jerome at SCI

    I suppose I shouldn't post on this but my story is too dramatic not to let it be told... I will be missing the SCI convention for the second year in a row:crying: Post pics everyone, let me know how it goes.
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    What Are Rhino Horns Made Of?

    Researched it a little bit and found out a pretty interesting fact; first off I found a couple dozen purposes of Rhino horn in the medical field that are claimed to be. Crazy stuff like detecting poison in water, purifying water by simply dropping in shavings of the horn, ridding fever, treating...
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    What Are Rhino Horns Made Of?

    Pretty cool article, Thanks. So is there any truth to keratin being a successful fever reducer or whatever it is the Chinese use them for their medicine in? Isn't that the main cause for poaching rhino is for their horn to sell on the black market to Chinese medical practitioners or am I wrong?
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    Thank You to Members

    Your post here just proves even more what a great guy you are Jerome. I wish I were more of a contributor to this site but I'm pretty quiet on this forum and often others are so quick to respond to posts with such in depth information that I feel there's not much more I could add. That's what I...
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    Do we have rights as hunters as well?

    I don't mean to take away from this post, and I wish I had more to say concerning the subject but I really am lost on words without just saying I fully agree with what's been shared here... But I had to post and say what a pig of a Warthog!! Sorry, hope I didn't take away from it too much
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    Death by Double Rifle

    Dugaboy1; I can't find that Hunters and Ivory dvd anywhere. Not even online. Where can I possibly get a copy? I would love to check it out! Is that the exact title of the video? Any info on who produces it or anything like that?
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    Hunting Tanzania... Kilombero Kronicles 1; Anticipation

    That camp looks great! I also would love to see some more pics of the place. Hopefully I'll make it there someday. Keep slaving away with the paperwork, It'll all be worth it once you are finally in the field!
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    Comment by 'hound_hunter' in media 'Southern Greater Kudu - Mhimbi Safari'

    What a beautiful Kudu! Congrats enysse!
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    Hunting Leopard with Dogs

    It's a dream of mine to hunt all the cats in Africa with hounds!! Hopefully next time I make it over there it will be with a pack of dogs. Anyone have any pictures or stories to hold me off until im able to make the trip?
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    Mugabe Mansion in Zimbabwe

    Unbelievable! I never knew such beautiful architecture and design could disgust me so much. Thanks for posting that
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    Food For Thoughts

    I don't even know how to respond to this, Reading that without expecting it one day though would make subscribing to any paper worth it, haha.
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    "You Can't Even Talk About IT" John Stossel

    DuggaBoy, I'm glad you posted that. I can't watch videos where I'm at for the next couple months but that article was great. I'm glad to see someone with some sense being able to get so public with his views.
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    TANZANIA: Buffalo In The Selous

    Awesome story judgeg! I can't wait to make it back, you brought some good memories and it sounds like you had a great experience. 1 thing missing though, let's see some pictures!!
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    Custom rifles

    I'd be interested in seeing a couple.. Probably out of my price range for a gun, even though for these kind of guns that is a good price, but it never hurts to have some more pictures to look at
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    Amazing Story of an Elephant's Memory

    Hahahaha..... I was reading that story thinking "no way, that's so cool" And then I find out the truth when it ends. that brought some good laughs, good one:D
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    A Long Shot

    I'm no good at telling stories, so no special shots from me. But i love hearing all of yours; I just wanted to say post some pics! I love seeing pictures. Lets see these Oregon elk, and enysse, I would love to see the big heartabeest you were talking about! Gloucester, great heartabeest, great...
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    South Africa White Lions Make History At Reserve

    Calhoun, My dad also purchased that hunt at an SCI auction and got a great price on it. And let me say, if you see them come up again at an auction, I would recommend the hunt. As far as the other hunting I think their trophy fees were a little high, nothing too serious though, but the rhino...
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    Sorry I Hit Your Car

    :D hahah.. I wouldn't even know how to react to that if I came out to see that on my car one day
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    Elephant wrapped round a tree

    These are my favorite kinds of posts. Sounds like a great experience, and some good photos to go with it. thanks for sharing
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    South Africa White Lions Make History At Reserve

    I would love to see this sub-species back in the wild (I guess maybe sub-species is not the correct term for the white lion, but I don't know what to classify it as). I remember back in 2005 I went to a place in South Africa where my dad was there to dart a rhino.. Weits was their last name I...
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    Shady Rhino Hunting Under Spotlight

    Like Calhoun, I'm wondering how much money are these bastards making off of powdered horn!? Terrible news. And Jerome, Where on earth do you find all of this stuff out at? It seems like daily you bring 3 or more big stories like this that I never would have heard about anywhere but here. I...
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    Leopard Hunting Accident Involving Craig Boddington's Daughter

    Very shocking news Jerome. Be sure and post more as time comes, because I am sure both Craig and his daughter will comment more on the situation in time. What a terrible situation though, I'm sure that is going to get a LOT more criticism than it deserves from "know it all" people who weren't...
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    The Wife's Night Out With The Girls

    I'm not sure if you tried to post the picture or if you're building anticipation from us all... but you've gained my interest.. let's see what happened
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    Rhino Poaching Puts Zimbabwe Under Spotlight

    Very very sad news. That's really too bad to hear, if only there were some way to handle the situation a little better. I don't know if there could ever be enough game officers to make a difference. I can't believe so many were poached!
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    Site for used hunting DVDs

    Have you used it before? What are the quality of the Hunting DVDs? And how are they to work with if you get a hunting DVD that's scratched up? Cool site though, if their reasonable to work with I could save a little money on there
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    Death on the Gold Coast

    Other than Santa Rosa Island, Hunting in California is something I knew very little about until 3 or 4 years ago. The opportunities there are great though! I finally watched this DVD yesterday and overall I was pretty impressed. The editing, as with most all Big Bore Production's videos, was...
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    Is the .375 H&H strong enough

    No problem with the translation Oscar.. And Gerhard said it best. But yes, I can agree with you a little more on an Eland sized animal. I was thinking impala and such (which still it seems like many on here would use a .375 on impala. Still seems like a ton of gun for a little animal, but hey...
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    Informative article on the Lion issue in Africa

    I found this article last night when I was trying to find proof to defend myself when a friend of mine told me how he didn't like that I went on a lion hunt in Tanzania 2 years ago. With a little talk on here lately on the issue I figured I'd post a link to the article. If I remember right it...
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    Is the .375 H&H strong enough

    .375 for Blackbuck? I'll be the first to admit that I would be the last to know.. but doesn't that seem like major overkill? I would think like a .270 or 7mm at most for blackbuck, I could be wrong though?
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    Hunting Lion

    I'm definitely no pro on the subject but my dad had been on 2 lion hunts before finally harvesting a nice lion on his 3rd hunt for the magnificent beasts (Zambia for sure once, maybe twice there or the other hunt might have been somewhere else, I can't recall as I was only about 13 at the time...
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    Elk hunting DVD on Santa Rosa Island

    I heard they are coming out with a film dedicated to Santa Rosa island, any word on when that might be out? Anyways, I'd love to buy ALL their videos, a bit out of my price range though for a hunting DVD (although probably worth the quality). I may just save up and get them some day though, I...
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    Fishing in the Arabian sea

    Great pics Gerhard! You've got me wanting to plan a trip out there now to try it out:D
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    Hunting Angola

    Just making an assumption by your post Jerome, I'm curious what you might have heard if you don't mind sharing:)
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    Virginia here

    I havent really introduced myself here yet - I'll probably get to that this weekend, haha. I also just found the site. But I'm a Marine stationed at Little Creek in Norfolk, VA. Are you anywhere near here? I've been to Africa a couple times, we could chat and I'd be more than happy to give you...