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  1. Mlibizi 8182

    Model 94 6.5 ×55 Swedish Mauser For Sale

    This military mauser is in a wooden box bearing serial#s of carbine all numbers match including bayonet. Appears as issued, like new. Will be available for purchase in the US late June
  2. Mlibizi 8182

    Post pictures or not?

    I am sure this post will cause a great deal of controversy. Of course it is our right to post after the kill, pictures, but should we if they will be used against us. I saw a picture of a totally legally hunted XXXXXX the picture was quickly pulled. Depending on who saw it, it could cause more...
  3. Mlibizi 8182

    Heym or Verney Carron?

    My wife a Zimbabwe LPH feels it is time to move up to a .470. At this time she shoots a Heym .450-400 which she loves. After examing both at Safai Outdoors in RSA. I believe the Heym is stronger, but slightly muzzle heavy and 2 oz. lighter. Wood and appearance on the VC is nicer, but has nothing...