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  1. Muskox man

    NAMIBIA: Outstanding Hunt With Ozondjahe Safaris

    Outfitter : Ozondjahe Safaris Caliber : 300 Win Mag Target animals : Blue gnu, Black gnu, Giraffe, Red Hartebeest, Kudu, Impala Dates : June 5-11 Day 1) We arrived on the morning of the 5th at Windhoek Airport and were driven 2 hrs to Ozondjahe Safaris. After checking in to our rooms we went...
  2. Muskox man

    Africa bound

    The time has arrived. I leave for Africa in the morning. I've been through my checklist four times now. I think I'm ready.
  3. Muskox man

    Animal list for upcoming hunt

    I have just paid my final installment for my June hunt in Namibia. I have made a rough animal list but am wondering if my list is to ambitious. My hunt is only five days and I have allotted funds for fourteen animals. There will be two of us hunting as my son will be hunting with me. I'm not...
  4. Muskox man

    Muskox and Moose hunt pictures

    Here are some pics of my recent muskox and moose hunts here in alaska. I hunted the muskox near Wales alaska and my moose hunt was in the Nelchina area near Eureka alaska.
  5. Muskox man

    Best animals to hunt on first Safari

    I am traveling to Namibia in June 2016 with my wife and son. I am looking to harvest a Blue Wildebeest and my son would like a Giraffe. We would like to hunt several more species but want to focus on the first two mentioned. Is this a good way to approach this or do you just wing it and take...
  6. Muskox man

    Hello everyone

    I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member. I love hunting and have been doing it since childhood. I live in Alaska and have hunted most North American species. I have recently booked a plains game hunt for 2016. I look forward to learning from you all and growing as a hunter.