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    2016 375 hunt report

    Hi guys, its been awhile since I posted here but since I blame you all for my new rifle I should let you know how it went Elk hunting First off, the load. Simple and what was recommended here. Federal Blue Box 270gr soft point. The Elk- roughly a 425lb spike bull The result obviously was...
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    Cast lead bullets for practice

    Ok, remember I gave permission to laugh Has anyone more experienced with the 375HH here than I am ( that would be everyones dog and cat) ever tried cast lead practice loads. Wide meplat, 250 gr ish at below 2000 fps? Loads, useful info, alloys, lube, etc for this. I have a good idea about BP...
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    New from Arizona

    Im a recent follower of this forum I bought a 375 H&H after years of shooting a friends rifle. I got hooked and this forum has more information about the practical uses of larger rifle bores than most gun pages. I drew Elk tags this year, not sure what area yet but needed a new rifle and the...