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    1890 East Africa Elephant Tusk Marking Help

    @Wheels very good suggestion as to its possible path during the times.. Wasn't aware that Omani Arabs would have handled such shipments. @BRICKBURN Looking at those alphabet translations.. I am convinced this is some dialect of Arabic. I will be going through this with the marking once I get...
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    1890 East Africa Elephant Tusk Marking Help

    I certainly appreciate your time and reply. I have already located the book and publication of when Mr. William Astor Chanler was listed in the Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game (1896 edition).. interestingly enough, he also took a African Rhino and a Cape Buffalo on this trip. I have also...
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    1890 East Africa Elephant Tusk Marking Help

    I appreciate your time and reply Wheels. The writing is etched on the front and backside into the tusk.. as well as one section in the middle as photographed. I'm not sure where in East Africa this elephant was shot.. It is listed in Rowland Ward's big game records though and attached please...
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    Mounts are home from SA!

    Very nice trophy room.. Way to save space with the gator pose :cool:
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    Charging Rhino

    I can imagine even that mount could do some damage if you were to be caught in it's path :cool:
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    Stunning Lion Mount

    Gorgeous pose.
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    1890 East Africa Elephant Tusk Marking Help

    This elephant was shot in the 1890's by a gentleman named William Astor Chanler.. who was a member of the U.S. House Of Representative's. The tusks were then used to make a fine mirror, which was done by Rowland Ward. However, I can't seem to figure out what the heck these markings say or what...