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    SOUTH AFRICA: NAMIBIA: Somerby Safaris Great Organization

    We completed a 3+ week safari to Namibia and South Africa. The highlight of the trip was the week spent with Somerby Safaris. We had purchased a plains game hunt at an auction. When Andre, our PH, met us at the airport, he inquired if we would like to trade our plains game hunt for a cow cape...
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    375 H&H model 70 & Buffalo

    I have only shot one Cape Buffalo, a management cow, it was a one shot kill. The 375 H&H in a Winchester Model 70 is a deadly combination. Also shot a Black Wildebeest, one shot kill as well. The 375 H&H is to Africa as the 30-06 is to North America.
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    Sauer 100XT?

    I bought a 30-06. Wood and blued sauer 100 XT. The trigger is fantastic, deadly accurate. Bought it and am selling my Remington 700 and my Winchester Model 70 30-06’s. This is a wonderful rifle, not just a wonderful rifle at this price point.
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    Celebrities lash out at Trump administration over reversing ban on elephant trophies

    Until a person has been to Africa, when a drought has occurred, they cannot understand the amount of damage to the habitat that elephant do. I was at a 65 square mile reserve in the Eastern Cape which had 21 elephant and the habitat had been decimated. The animals were being fed hay to keep...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Leopards Valley Safaris In Eastern Cape South Africa

    We knew we were not going to have any animals mounted so we hunted management animals. Therefore, we don't have pictures of trophy animals. Trophy animals were available, we just chose not to hunt them. I don't know how to post pictures, we hunted eland, kudu, black springbuck, black...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Leopards Valley Safaris In Eastern Cape South Africa

    Just returned from hunting with Dave and Nikki Davenport at Leopards Valley Safaris. If you want to hunt from the truck, on small properties, shoot game at short yardages, this is not your place. However, if you want to really work for your animals while hunting large tracts of property, then...