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    Need Help Please

    Severely bruised middle finger. Okay I have a DR in 470 NE. Been practicing for two months and am getting settled in. My problem is every time I fire the front trigger it kicks back and kills my right middle finger I am holding the pistol grip with. Can anyone help me diagnose my problem please...
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    Dies For Sale Never Used

    I have the following g RCBS dies for sale never used: 1-270 Weatherby 1- 7MM 2- 416 Rigby Each $100 plus you pay shipping
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    470 NE Dies Destroyed

    Need help please. I bought a RCBS set of 470 NE dies. I used only once fired Barnes brass. The die would not take out the spent primer no matter what I tried. Finally it broke. When using the die it would double crimp the brass. Before I buy another die can anyone tell me what is wrong please
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    Magnum rifle primers

    Curious what people’s thoughts on when primers will be available. I have been able though hard to buy all reloading components except magnum rifle primers. Thoughts?
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    Gun Insurance With Airlines

    I am concerned about what happens if Delta loses my new $10,000 double rifle. Can I get insurance in case they lose it or it’s stolen?
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    Starting a Gun Powder Plant

    I know this seems humorous but I am serious. I wish I knew how to get all the permits with know how to start my own gun powder plant. Given the OOS across the board why would I not make a fortune?
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    Need the experts please sighting in Double Rifle

    Just got Rizzini 470 double rifle today. Beautiful! Will post pictures. Fired first time today. Open sights at 40 yards with Barnes same 500 grains yes same 500. It Hornady shoots weigh left and down barely on paper. Called Rizzini and they said would be fine once I put on ordered red dot site...
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    3 Year Plan

    Now that all of you have turned me into an African addict lol! Here is my three year plan...what is yours? 1. July 2021 first Buffalo hunt with Tsala 40+ opportunity 2. July 2022 just booked for second hunt with Game 4 Africa for second buffalo, kudu and first water buck 3. I will hunt with...
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    Powder anyone?

    I cannot find the first bit of powder to reload my 470 NE. Does anyone know where any INSTOCK H4831 or Alliant 19 is available please?
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    470 Rizzini Rhino in 470 Nitro

    I love you people but you are killing me lol! I go to Africa last year take 5 awesome animals book my first Cape Buffalo hunt with a chance to hunt a 40+ incher now I just bought my double rifle in 470 NE from Rizzini! Love the elephant and Cape buffalo engraving. Will be using it this in July...
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    375 H&H Free Gun Worth 12 Boxes Of Ammunition Plus Scope

    E.R.Shaw 375 H&H for sale with 3-10 Nikon 50mm scope with 12 boxes of Barnes TTX 300 grain bullets for sale $1300 firm. Ammunition alone worth $960 at Midway. Scope $400 leaving gun free!!! Only reason selling is buying a double rifle
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    CZ 550 416 Rigby For Sale With Swarovski Scope & 6 Boxes Of Ammunition For Sale

    I have a new CZ550 Safari Rifle in 416 Rigby with 6 boxes of Africa ready ammunition 120 rounds for sale with a Sworoski scope for sale. I bought new in box and have fired 15 times. Only reason selling I am buying a double rifle. $1500 firm do not bother offering less $2600 value
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    Got My Africa Trophies Back

    Excited to get my trophies back from my first hunt in Africa with @GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS. They are trophies to me and will always remind me of the awesome first hunt to Africa. So many people on this forum helped me and I am so grateful to everyone. Bug bit me and am going back in April 21 with...
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    WANTED: Giant Eland Hunt

    Where can you hunt Giant Eland please? What are the best outfitters for this please? To be clear I am looking for Giant Eland thanks!
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    Is Rifle still in business? I cannot get their website to come up with any of my three pieces of equipment? Thanks.
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    375 H&H For Sale With Scope & 12 Boxes Of Ammunition

    I have an ER Shaw 375 H&H for sale with a 3-9-50 Nikon scope and 12 boxes of Barnes Vortex 300 grain ammunition for sale in great shape. The ammunition by itself is $960 from Midway. I had it firing within an inch at 100 yards. Fell in love with a 416 Rigby only reason for sale. $1500 firm you...
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    Exporting a Leopard and Elephant into U.S.

    Please forgive my “brick in the head” question...I am getting lost in red tape so much that my head hurts...can a person export a leopard and/or an elephant into the U.S. please? Thanks!
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    Africa versus U.S.

    I completely understand nothing African Taxidermist could do about it but I so wish I had dipped and shipped my July 2019 trophies to US for work done versus have Africa do work. No end in site as to when I will receive my Africa trophies
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    375 H&H or 416 RIgby

    I am so excited about my upcoming April 2021 Cape Buffalo hunt. Just curious what everyone thinks about hunting Cape Buffalo with 416 Rigby with 400 Grain bullets or a 375 H&H with 300 grain bullets. I completely trust my PH who says 375 is enough. It’s just I have both guns and curious of your...
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    Bullet for Cape Buffalo

    Quick question please...I am hunting a Cape Buffalo in April 2021. I have my 375 which I know is enough gun but my ammunition is Barnes Vortex in 375 H&H in 300 grain TSX FB. Will this be okay? I have heard I need solids for Buffalo. Appreciate the help!!!
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    John Sharp

    Since all of us are stranded at home I just wanted to call out John Sharp’s new book. I have just finished reading it for the second time and have found it to be superb. I place it right next to my Horn of The Hunter which I have lost count how many times I have read. If you have not purchased...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt Of A Lifetime! Game 4 Africa Hunt

    Just got back from my first Africa hunt with Game 4 Africa. It was the best hunting week of my life! The hunting operation run by John, Colin and Wik was simply outstanding. Their website says 4 star but do not believe's 5 star all the way! They made me feel at home the very first day...
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    Lightest Weight Checked Luggage

    Everyone what is the lightest weight piece of luggage that meets SA travel requirements please? Websites and exact recommendations appreciated
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    South Africa New Luggage Type Requrements

    i bought a lightweight piece of luggage for my July trip to SA only to just find out these type light weight luggage are now illegal in SA. What does the group think about this
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    Shooting stick tips

    just joined and so appreciate everyone’s help! I just shot off shooting sticks for first time. I bought the tripod boogie system with both front and rear prong support. At 250 yards I still struggle to keep steady. Any tips on shooting from sticks standing up please? I looked into search but...
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    WANTED: Husband Hunt Non Hunting Wife Enjoyment

    I am looking for a first time Africa plains game hunt for my wife and I. She is a non hunter and to be honest not a “tent” camping person at all. Is there any hunt available at a reasonable cost she could enjoy as well? Thanks so much for your input!
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    Fore’s name Rare Breed new to forum

    Excited to be here. Hunted North America for 51 years primarily white tail deer. Bucket list is to hunt moose and go to Africa for a cost effective plains game hunt. Just bought a 416 Rigby. Love the site especially the forem