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  1. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris

    Well, one of my long-time Clients just came back from a successful hunt with Marius, KMG Hunting Safaris. On his list was mainly Spotted hyena, others to be followed after that. The baits were prepared Long before, so it was just a matter of time, to be there at the right time. See the result...
  2. Martin

    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Did It Again

    As promised here is my short report of my latest trip with KMG. We, my friend Ingo and I had 8 wonderful and special hunting days. I took all of them to be out in the bush, knowing that I will miss it from the very first day after returning home... Ingo was satisfied after 6 days and relaxed...
  3. Martin

    Less than 1 week and counting, again KMG

    Well, as the first trip with KMG last year (but not the first trip to SA!) was so much great I decided to go back again. And it is now right in front of the door!!! Leaving next thursday and arriving than on friday, cannot wait. Hm, what is on the list? As I changed my mind last year not to...
  4. Martin

    Back from SA, hunted with KMG-Hunting-Safaris

    Ok, Ladies and Gents, I want to share the story of my and my friendï½´s latest hunt with KMG-Hunting-Safaris, owned by forum member Marius Goosen. The plan was to go for Lioness first in Kalahari region, than go way south to Eastern Cape, KMGï½´s main region to hunt plainsgame. So we arrived on...
  5. Martin

    bushpig, hard to hunt :-)

    Just want to share a short story of my last africa trip in august, in Zim. I was after an elefant bull and finally got him on second last day. Not a big tusker, but was a personal fight to get him :cool: About the bushpig: I knew that they are tough, scary and like ghosts, hard to hunt. One...
  6. Martin

    Liones AND Nyala hunting??

    Anybody knows a place where to hunt both species, Lioness and Nyala? Any help/offer would be appreciated, PM if you want.
  7. Martin

    Hey there from Germany!

    Reading this forum for a long time I thought it would be a good idea to sign in! Love hunting with rifle and bow all over the planet, and for sure bringing home some nice trophies :) So, let´s start. Martin