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  1. hntrpro

    SOUTH AFRICA: Numzaan Safaris - Wild Wildbeest Lodge Hunt Report

    We would like to thank everyone at Numzaan Safaris for an incredible hunt. We met our P.H. Tonie at a Sci banquet a few years back. After booking the Hunt we were in constant contact with Isabelle at the office, all emails and phone calls were answered and returned very quickly. We run a...
  2. hntrpro

    Thinking of purchasing a New CZ 550 375 HH thoughts ??

    I am in the market for a new rifle in 375H&H. How does the CZ compare to other brands? Have shot the CZ 550 before and liked it...Would use for Lion, possibly Buf etc... Any thoughts? Recommendations? I am new to AH, Awesome sight ! Any feedback would be great. thanks