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  1. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Plains Game Hunting With Khomas Highlands Hunting Safaris

    Congratulations on a fantastic Namibian hunt and also a great report. This is exactly how the Khomas Hochland treat hunters!
  2. Stefanus Prinsloo

    German rifle manufacturers

    Hi Darren K, I could maybe help you with this. I also live in Germany and my office is based in a gun shop in Aschaffenburg. They sell used to new rifles and to me it all comes down to testing these rifles and see which you prefer. You will not be disappointed with Blaser or Merkel and to add...
  3. Stefanus Prinsloo

    Congo Bongo In The Mist

    Unbelievable!!! and a fantastic report with amazing pictures. Job well done
  4. Stefanus Prinsloo

    Judging Roe Deer

  5. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Two Safari Rookies Travel To Uhlenhorst Hunting Safaris

    Absolutely fantastic report, well done. Proudly Namibian!!!!
  6. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Hunting Namibia An Experience Of a Lifetime

    Wow, fantastic. You combined two of the best things to do in Namibia, hunting and tigerfishing. Have you caught some Nemwe (Briem) too?
  7. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Namibian Horseback Hunting

    A great area to hunt. Congratulations!
  8. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Did Someone Go Hunting With Etosha Heights Game Safaris?

    Hi Nicholas, they are in a very special area in Namibia on the southwestern border of the Etosha National Park. You will have a great hunt with them.
  9. Stefanus Prinsloo

    WANTED: Leopard hunt wanted for 2015

    I know about an available hunt in Namibia, Kaokoland Wilderness Concession with Estreux Hunting Safaris, Anton Esterhuizen.
  10. Stefanus Prinsloo

    FREE RANGE Eland & Kudu...

    There is an Outfitter called Jürgen Beddies on the eastern border of the Etosha National Park. His Safari Company name is Karagombe Hunting Safaris. They do not cater for big groups. His passion is to walk and stalk Eland. This area has free roaming eland and the other trophies is certainly not...
  11. Stefanus Prinsloo

    Kudu - Namibia or Limpopo?

    Hi, I think you got some pretty good info here. I have seen good kudu bulls all over in Namibia. The biggest Kudu I have ever seen was in the Kaokoland Concession Areas. It is a tough hunt but you can get lucky with over 55 inch. The khomas hochland and northern Namibia is also very good for...
  12. Stefanus Prinsloo

    Favorite broadheads?!?!

    It is good to see that I am at least using what most of you also uses. I do not have much experience with many african species, but I shot plenty of Warthog and Oryx with the Thunderhead 125 gr on our farm in Namibia. It is a allrounder best broadhead like it should be. My latest hunt was with...
  13. Stefanus Prinsloo

    Suggestions for flatskins

    If you need any more options, you can always look at what we offer hunters that goes to Namibia through our All Inclusive Concept for Taxidermy. Just follow the links and you will find all the info you need with prices. I will also be in Namibia in April...
  14. Stefanus Prinsloo

    Suggestions for flatskins

    We make riflecase from the hunters skins, but we are in Europe.
  15. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Khomas Highland Hunting?

    Sorry not east, west of Windhoek...
  16. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Khomas Highland Hunting?

    This is with Philip Hennings, a great guy and a good place for hunting Kudu and the Hartmann's Zebra. The area is in the Khomas Hochland mountains, east of Winhoek (the Capital). I would hunt with him everyday! It is an adventurous hunt in the mountains...
  17. Stefanus Prinsloo

    First bow?

    This is the best to do, be comfortable and be sure to hit the spot where you aimed!!! Bow shooting is all about practising and not the make.
  18. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Kowas Safaris In Every Way

    Great report and makes me proud to be a Namibian and a hunter!!!
  19. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Did Someone Go Hunting With Namibia Safari Corporation?

    Fantastic, a very good area to find your trophy animal in Namibia and also a well respected hunting operation. I wish you all the best of luck!
  20. Stefanus Prinsloo

    NAMIBIA: Did Someone Go Hunting With Namibia Safari Corporation?

    I can definitely give you some advice. I am from Namibia and consult for 27 Hunting operations in Namibia. The Khomas Hochland west from the Main capital is really good for a leopard hunt. At the moment most outfitters are waiting to find out how many tags are available. I have several friends...
  21. Stefanus Prinsloo

    and I am part of a Taxidermy Company called First Class Trophy, Visit...

    and I am part of a Taxidermy Company called First Class Trophy, Visit our all inclusive page RSA and Namibia.