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  1. Hippo


  2. Chobe Bushbuck

    Chobe Bushbuck

  3. Chobe Bushbuck

    Chobe Bushbuck

  4. Mozambique Buffalo

    Mozambique Buffalo

  5. Mozambique Buffalo

    Mozambique Buffalo

  6. Buffalo in Mozambique

    Buffalo in Mozambique

  7. Tanzania


  8. Leopard Namibia

    Leopard Namibia

  9. Elephant Caprivi

    Elephant Caprivi

  10. Elephant hunting in Caprivi

    Elephant hunting in Caprivi

  11. Caprivi Namibia

    Caprivi Namibia

    Filming with Allan Cilliers safaris in the Caprivi!
  12. Film your Safari

    Film your Safari

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  13. Crocodile hunted in Mozambique

    Crocodile hunted in Mozambique

    Taken in Mozambique
  14. My first warthog!

    My first warthog!

  15. Chobe Bushbuck that was shot in Mozambique

    Chobe Bushbuck that was shot in Mozambique

  16. Grysbuck Hunt SA

    Grysbuck Hunt SA

    This Grysbuck was shot at broad daylight in the Eastern Cape with JP Kleinhans safaris. Great footage we've got there!