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    SOUTH AFRICA: Dagga Boy Anti Poaching Hunt 2016 With Jan Dumon OF Shumba Safaris

    Outfitter: Jan Dumon, Shumba Safaris Date: February 20th - 27th 2016 PH: Eddie O'Reilly Area: Balule Reserve, South Africa (and we added two buffalos on private property) Calibers: 9.3x62mm & .458WinMag Ammo: Jan's hand loaded Rhino Bullets My brother and me saw Jan's anti poaching offering...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 2013 Brown Hyena & Plains Game Hunt With Tally-Ho Hunting Safaris

    Location: South Africa - Mpumalanga Provence and Limpopo Provence Date: 16th September till 25th September Agent: Caracal (from this Forum) Outfitter: Stuart Williams PH: Brian (will find out the full name soon :D ) and Stuart Williams Animals Hunted: Springbok, Black Wildebeest, Blessbok...