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    CZ550 Front Sight Blade # Designations

    Wow thanks for all the good information. I had initially ordered several from CZ but they are having issues with their new software so I canceled the order as it was going to take a week to two weeks and ordered from numrich.
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    CZ550 Front Sight Blade # Designations

    I had a thought last night that the number might be stamped on the bottom of the site blade, which didn't occur to me when I pulled it out to measure it. Pulled it out this morning and its a #6, which again corresponds to 0.222". I'm going to order the next three sizes down.
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    CZ550 Front Sight Blade # Designations

    Working on regulating my new CZ550 American Safari in 458 Lott. Running 550 woodleighs at 2100 f/s and they are quite a bit low at 100. 200 leaf few inches low, 300 leaf few inches high. My front sight blade is 0.222" tall. Looking to buy next lower two blades from CZ, but they go by a #...
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    Hello from Indiana, USA

    Just wanted to say hello, love reading this forum and dreaming about africa!