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    .458 Lott recoil is no joke

    Exactly as WAB says. Big calibers and Ruger No.1 are not a great combination. 458 Lott is always going to be stout but with a rifle of at least 10lbs and good stock shape its manageable if never pleasant. My M03 was surprisingly suitable in 458Lott with the Extreme stock.
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    Scopes - 30mm vs. 1" tubes on hunting rifles

    The 30mm scope in the S&B line are much better than the 1inch Summit. I found out after buying a Summit which I thought was all I loved in a S&B but in the more compact 1" line. Not so! The eye relief is better in the Summit but the eye box is more critical, image not as crisp and the dials work...
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    Woodleigh Protected Points?

    You will have no worries with the 300gr 375 cal Woodleigh PP. They expand nicely and are emphatic killers. I took that bullet in a 375 H&H and made 1 shot kills on Sable, Cape Buffalo, Gemsbok, Blue Wilderbeest and Eland in South Africa in 2019. Their recommended velocity window is somewhat...
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    Desirable Powders For 300 Grain Swift A-frames, For .375 H&H Magnum?

    Agree with Bruce and I also use H4350/AR2209 with 300gr Woodleighs Softs and Solids. Most importantly both shoot to same point of impact. However in my Winchester cases and bullets seated to cannelure it's somewhat compressed loads. That's the only proviso but not really any issue of...
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    Best gear you’ve found

    Coming from the land of the merino this is heresy but for African hunting I prefer cotton socks and the best are the Thorlo Tennis socks the long ones. Great cushioning and you feet stay drier on those long tracking hunts. I bought a set of Courtneys on my last trip to Africa, they do look nice...
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    Help Deciding on Double Rifle Chambering

    Kevin, I was discussing a double purchase with my friends too most recently. One has a VC 450 NE and the other sold his Merkel 500 NE but is non the lookout for a replacement. They are trying to get me to buy one but my eyes are not good enough for open sights maybe a Trijicon RMR though. Then I...
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    If the 9.3x62 became the new legal minimum?

    Even if the 9.3 x 62 was the legal minimum I'd still prefer my 375 H&H. I don't have a 9.3 x 62 but have its ballistic equivalent the 9.3 x 66 Sako and those who say the 9.3 are nicer to shoot have not shot one in a rifle weighing 8lb 4oz (Sako 85 Hunter with Zeiss Conquest 4x scope). The recoil...
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    Help Deciding on Double Rifle Chambering

    For a Client Double the 450/400 makes the most sense but then the "V8" phenomenon takes over and why not a 450 NE or 470 NE and then again there is the "V12" so why not a 500 NE. 500 NE owners tell me it just a "push" why do I not believe them? Your gut is telling you the truth!
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    Thoughts on Craig Boddington?

    Here we go again! Tall poppy syndrome. No ones perfect. He's not the only source of information if you don't like him. But he has certainly put out a lot of very good information in his books and videos and I certainly thank him for that because it was invaluable in planning my African hunt...
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    Why are Weatherby guns in 375+ calibers not liked on a Safari?

    What any PH hates is a client that can't shoot! Takes too long to shoot or will not walk. My SA PH just bought a 460 Weatherby! It does not make sense to single out Weatherby. If you can shoot and your rifle/scope has been functionally tested it matters little whether you shoot a Weatherby...
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    Who is your favourite gun writer?

    John Barsness but for story telling Capstick!
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    375 as a 1 rifle battery

    Have owned a 375 H&H for a number of years but my African experience is limited to just 1 safari to SA in 2019. My bag included Cape Buffalo, Sable, Waterbuck, Blue Wilderbeest, Gemsbok & Eland. Some other animals I shot with my PH's 7x57 including Warthog & Nyala. From my reading I thought the...
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    370 Sako Mag (9.3x66)

    Hi Petrovic, I cannot answer your first question but on ejection yes there is a issue with some Sako 85 rifles mostly with 30-06 and longer cases. My previous 85M in 9.3x66 ejected perfectly and I tested the Black Bear in the same calibre before buying. No issues. Some just do have an issue...
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    370 Sako Mag (9.3x66)

    I have just traded my 2nd hand Sako 85 Hunter to a Black Bear both in 9.3 x 66 so want to keep this calibre going. As there is almost no load data available I will post mine for the benefit of other 9.3 x 66 users: (This is development was done in my former rifle) Cases are New Sako...