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    Sauer 100 Ceratech stock work

    Hi all Looking for any info if anybody has shortened the length of pull on a synthetic Sauer 100? Tips, tricks etc.. I bought a 270w Sauer 100 Ceratech however at 14.25" LOP I can only JUST get a proper eye relief with a t-shirt. Definitely won't with a pack or winter cloths so I am looking to...
  2. J

    Mauser M12 problems and Hexalock problems

    Love my 30-06 M12 Expert, went with Warne steel bases and steel rings with an 2MOA Aimpoint 9000L.
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    Newbie from Oz

    Gold Coast Shooters is owned by a friend of mine, good shop for finding things that aren't always available. I have been looking at the odd 9.3x62 hmmm and there is a whole different thought...
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    Newbie from Oz

    Nah that would be Dad, figure I will drop into Ebor on the way down, he started me hunting when I was six there so I thought it'd be good just me and him for a couple of days. The 243 is a little ZKK601 that I have just picked up, not sure what I will do for it yet, use to load for the wife's...
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    Newbie from Oz

    Heading down to guyra next week although a bit hot, border finally open so the old fella (75) can come for a weekend walk in the paddock. I have a new Mauser M12 Expert in 30-06 with an Aimpoint to chase some pigs hopefully.
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    Newbie from Oz

    Located o the Gold Coast and usually hunt New England area or out western Qld although it's been a while since I've hunted out west. Normal game is everything from rabbits to deer, pigs and goats etc.. Reload 222, 243, 25-06, 6.5x55, 270, 30-30, 308, 30-06 & 300Win.
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    Newbie from Oz

    Usually hunt New England area, deer, pigs, goats etc.. Never hunted buffalo or scrub bulls but imagine it'd be pretty good.
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    Newbie from Oz

    Hi all Newbie intro from Australia, into rifle and bow hunting, range shooting and reloading. Cheers John
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    6.5x55 - 140 Grain Reload Velocity?

    Hi all New to the forum from Australia. I have a CZ 557 full stock with a 20.5" barrel (6.5x55SE marked) that I have commenced loading for. With 140gr Woodleigh PP bullets loaded to 0.030" off the lands is the starting point over ADI powder AR2209, CCI200 primers and full length sized Sako...