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    Custom .416 Rigby CZ For Sale

    I just listed my custom CZ .416 Rigby for sale with on gunbroker. I set up this gun for my cape buffalo trip but was not able to bring it along. It was customized by Triple River Gunsmithing - a CZ custom shop - with: - Bbl shortened to 20-inches - New replacement front sight -...
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    For Sale - Antonio Zoli Double Rifle - 9.3x74R O/U

    $2895.00. I understand the model to be a Ritmo. Rifle only (no case, no scope and no mount). I spoke with the Zoli guys at the SCI convention in Las Vegas and they believe it was made shortly before the Ritmo model was discontinued for new model production (early 1970's perhaps). Like new...
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    Zoli 9.3 x 74

    I'm having a heck of a time pricing my Zoli for sale. Any input on general values or tips to set a value would be appreciated. I bought it used but it is like new. I believe it is an older model called Ritmo. Shoots nice but does not quite fit me - so out it goes to a good home to be replaced by...