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  1. TXhoghunter94

    Youtube Hunting Channels

    I really enjoy watching everyone's hunting videos and wanted to start a thread where everyone can post a link to their channel so I can subscribe and watch some videos now that the season is over. Here is a link to my channel if anyone else is interested...
  2. TXhoghunter94

    Hunting Hogs in the Swamp

    Here is a short video of my dad shooting a large sow out in Texas earlier this year. I hope y'all enjoy it!
  3. TXhoghunter94

    Texas Bowhunting video

    Hey everyone, hope y'alls hunting season has been going great! Here is a link to a short video of one deer I was able to shoot this past season and also a link to my youtube channel where I hope to post more videos in the near future!
  4. TXhoghunter94

    Hog Hunting in Texas

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum but feel privileged to be here and take part in it. I live near Houston, TX and hunt a lot of pigs in east TX. Where is everyone from and what are y'alls favorite game to hunt? Here are a few videos I recently made from some footage I've been picking up...