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  1. neilr

    Fast / First Responders

    Thanks Jerome. I wonder what other regulations I don't know about. :( Neil
  2. neilr

    Fast / First Responders

    Brickburn, Do we need an export permit for our rifles? I'm in SW Ontario and didn't know that. What's involved in getting that? I'm thinking Namibia next year? thanks, Neil
  3. neilr

    NAMIBIA: It's About Time I Posted On Our Safari

    Thanks for posting this; Uitspan is on my short list. I'm finding it very difficult to decide which outfitter. Your report helps alot. Neil
  4. neilr

    Terminal Ballistics Paper

    Thanks for posting your thoughts and the paper. It was an interesting read. Neil
  5. neilr

    Best "all-around" rifle caliber for big game hunting?

    Hi Paul, Sounds like a nice rifle you're building. Please post pics when it's done. I agree the 375H&H is a great cartridge. Not many things in this world last 100years but the 375H&H has! Neil
  6. neilr

    NAMIBIA: Kowas Hunting Safaris

    hi, I've communicated with the Kowas Hunting Safaris folks a few times. Any info people can provide me would be appreciated. thanks, Neil
  7. neilr

    Hello from SW Ontario

    Hi Merlin, Which outfitter are you using? I'm finding it hard to pick one. I'd like to talk to one or at least get a solid referral from someone. I guess a lot of them go to the SCI show; I might go to the next one. The other thing I'm trying to figure out is flying there. What airline and...
  8. neilr

    Do you need to pay in the currency that your passport is from? What is it really?

    Hi, I'm researching for my first trip to Africa; probably Namibia. I'm getting frustrated reading about different interpretation of rules/laws. I don't want to travel that far only to find out I've broken some rule/law. Here is the latest (exactly as posted on an outfitter's website)...
  9. neilr

    Hello from SW Ontario

    I'm 95% sure it will be Namibia. I keep finding more outfitters to check out and there is a small Africa Hunting show in Toronto in the winter. The winter 2011 show had a lot of Namibia outfitters which was good. Neil
  10. neilr

    Hello from SW Ontario

    I've been reading this forum for a while, thought I better join. I haven't been to Africa yet but hope to get there for a plains game hunt next year. I tend to research things to death so I'm enjoying all the information here. Neil