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    cobra eating snake

    We found this cape spitting cobra eating another snake and we pulled him out from under a bush. He started throwing up the snake and retreated to the bush where we pulled him out again, now he was pissed off. I decided I wanted him for my collection so I wacked him with the flat side of a machete.
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    Importing wood cravings

    Are there any new rules for importing wood carvings and curios from RSA or Namibia in your checked baggage.I have not had a problem in the past but realize USDA is always changing the rules.
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    Looking for ideas

    Our camping plans for northern Namibia have fallen through and we are looking for suggestions and perhaps a camper for hire with or without a guide. We will have aready done some hunting and we would just like to sightsee. We only have a seven day window and we would like to spend 2 days in...
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    africa again

    i am a new member to this site.Even though I hunted zimbabwe,rsa,namibia in the past.I find this site useful in refreshing my memory in preparing to return this year to Namibia with new bride in tow.My wife booked the flights through Lori with Travel Express. Laniee was impressed with Lori...
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    ammo only to SA

    I will be traveling to south africa for a photo safari and then on to namibia to hunt.Can I travel with ammo only into jo-burg?