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  1. Waterguy631

    What is the normal length of time for mounted plains game to clear customs?

    What is the normal length of time for mounted plains game to clear customs and USDA mine have been in DC for 2 weeks now and still know word. Thanks Tom
  2. Waterguy631

    SOUTH AFRICA: My African Safari Hunt With Kubusi Safaris

    First off I'm not much of a writer. So please except my apologies for the spelling and grammar errors. This story started 46 years ago when my brother went to Vietnam. We share a room so I got to touch his stuff after he left he had 2 books by Robert Rourke. Horn of the Hunter and Use enough gun...
  3. Waterguy631

    Cash what to take

    Debating on how much cash I'll need. I can pay for extra animals on Credit card. How easy is it to find ATM's thinking about just sticking extra cash in my checking account to draw out if I need it. We will be in Capetown area for 4 day's after the hunt also. Thanks Tom
  4. Waterguy631

    4 Days to go

    Only 4 days to go almost all packed want to get to the range one last time. then I'll have to break the gun down and pack it. Any last minute words of sound advice or things I definitely need to bring with?
  5. Waterguy631

    With Royal27s help here is my latest target

    5 shotgroup at 200 yds off of sticks.
  6. Waterguy631

    US dollars

    I saw in another post a outfitter asking for US dollars only to be transferred. When I made my final payment and transferred the money my back said they had to convert it to rand and do the transfer is this true or can you do it in US. My outfitter didn't ask one way or the other but just...
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    I'll be hunting the east cape area the end of March beginning of April will I need cool weather clothes I'm from Wisconsin so I'm used to the cold. Tom
  8. Waterguy631

    Ammo case

    Does the lockable ammo case have to be made out of metal I have a pelican case that will work if not. Tom
  9. Waterguy631

    Another step done

    Henry from Rifle permits received my packet for my gun and said everything is in order. So one more thing done before I go. Tom
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    Can you laminate your original 4457 and it will still be accepted? Tom
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    Filling out my paper work for hunting rifle permits is getting me excited. Can't wait for March to get here. First time for me 17 days away from work will be great. Tom
  12. Waterguy631

    Lionizing Cecil Makes Us Feel Good, But a Trophy Hunting Ban Will Accelerate Slaughter

    Here is a great article from a liberal professor from Berkley. Lionizing Cecil Makes Us Feel Good, But a Trophy Hunting Ban Will Accelerate Slaughter By Glen Martin...
  13. Waterguy631

    .338 Win mag

    What bullet would you recommend for the .338 for Plains game For my first safari I normally shoot 225 grain Barnes TSX out of it but I'm having a hard time getting them. Thanks Tom
  14. Waterguy631

    Hi From Wisconsin

    Just wanted to say hi I'm going on my first African hunt next year. I can't wait!!! Tom
  15. Waterguy631

    .338 Win Mag

    Is a .338 win mag over kill for plains game I would be using barnes 225 grain TSX I've been told by the booking consultant it is over kill and I don't need any thing that big. But I shoot it great and the whitetails I shoot with it are just as dead. Tom