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  1. WIDuckHunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: First South Africa Hunt With Thaba Mmoyo Safaris

    Just back from my first South Africa Safari Hunt with Thaba Mmoyo Safaris. It was an incredible experience that I'll never forget. Took every animal on our lists, plus a couple, and had opportunities for many more. A little background -- bought this hunt at a local SCI Banquet auction in...
  2. WIDuckHunter

    Sheraton Hotel at Frankfurt Airport

    Heading to SA in June for my first plains game hunt. Also, will be traveling with my 16 year old son. Have an 8 hour layover in Frankfurt and see that there is a Sheraton at the airport. Has anyone stayed there and is it worth it? I assume you have to go through customs and wondering if that...
  3. WIDuckHunter

    Packing Ammo for South Africa

    Rookie question -- going on first time hunting safari to Limpopo in June, with my 16 year old son. Taking 300 Win Mag and 308. Planning to take 60 rounds of ammo for each. I assume ammo needs to be separate from rifles in checked luggage? Does it need to be in a locked case, and can both...
  4. WIDuckHunter

    First Hunting Safari to South Africa in June -- What Should be on the Hunt List?

    I will be taking my first hunting safari to Limpopo province in South Africa in June, with my 16 year old son. Somewhat bought the hunt by "accident" at an SCI banquet last winter. We will be doing 8 days of hunting with Thaba Mmoyo. It is a 1X1 hunt for 2 hunters and includes $2000 of trophy...
  5. WIDuckHunter

    Rifle(s) Suggestions for Plains Game Hunt in Limpopo

    Hello, Somewhat unexpectedly, I was the high bidder on a Plains Game Hunt in Limpopo, SA at a recent SCI Banquet. It is a 1X1 hunt for 2 hunters, so I'm planning to take my son, who will be 16 when we go in June 2018. Just starting to do the research, but I am expecting that our primary...