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  1. Bernie.

    Bushbuck Pictures

    Wow. What was the size of this horns.
  2. Bernie.

    Waterbuck Pictures

  3. Bernie.

    Memorable Family Hunt Pictures

    Yes it always is. I try to take them with every time. All of us hunt so we can spend more quality time together.
  4. Bernie.

    Giraffe Pictures

    a special hunt on my late fathers birthday. This one is for you dad.
  5. Bernie.

    Waterbuck Pictures

  6. Bernie.

    Memorable Family Hunt Pictures

    The only picture with my late father. My daughter and son. The family
  7. Bernie.

    Zebra Pictures (Plain)

    My zebra. Like everyone says. No trophy room is full without a zebra rug.
  8. Bernie.

    Baboon Pictures

    JB and his baboon. Nothing greater than a father and son spending quality time together in the wild.
  9. Bernie.

    Warthog Pictures

    In most first hunts It's usual a warthog for kids in South Africa. Here is my son JB with his first animal age 5. When ever I show this picture everyone always complain about the gun stock that I had to butcher to make it fit him. I believe that you should learn how to shoot with your own gun...
  10. Bernie.

    Bushbuck Pictures

    Not a big ram but very nice meat. My firs one.
  11. Bernie.

    Impala Pictures

    Just a tip that a PH gave me. Always look at the length of the tips.
  12. Bernie.

    Unusual/Deformed/Freak Species Pictures

    Hi. I hunted this water buck on the limpopo river. The longest horn is 1" short from Roland Ward minimum entry.
  13. Bernie.

    One shot

    One shot
  14. Early morning

    Early morning

    Waterbuck bull
  15. Luck


    Impala trophy