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  1. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Thanks - Seems like our taste buds are aligned pretty well. I've got a lot of good ideas from your posts!
  2. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Just got in a shipment from Cigarpage. Spring is just around the corner so I thought I would get some stock laid in! @PARA45 - Had to try a fiver of those Nub Habano's you like!
  3. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Looks like you had a great time Mort!
  4. Uncle Sauce

    What was the most challenging animal you've ever hunted?

    I'll agree with the DIY public land elk hunt. Not much success over the years. Lots of country to cover via shoe leather express...makes you think twice before pulling the trigger as your asking yourself "How am I getting this out of here??"
  5. Uncle Sauce

    Hello - and Thank You

    Welcome to AH!
  6. Uncle Sauce

    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    Scott - Just a thought: I see the Covid Consultants are based in Evergreen. Not sure where your located in CO but wonder if they have the option of stopping by their office and having it administered there in person?
  7. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    The early AM smoke- was cold as hell with negative wind chill but I really enjoyed this for an early morning smoke. A bit too long of smoke for the weather since I was hurrying to get back inside :)
  8. Uncle Sauce

    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    Good info guys - thanks for all the input above. Much appreciated!
  9. Uncle Sauce

    Hello from Georgia

    Welcome to AH @Rimshot !
  10. Uncle Sauce

    Hello from Life-Form Taxidermy

    Welcome to AH!
  11. Uncle Sauce

    Magnum rifle primers

    I agree with Dave above - my guess is deep into 2022. Almost seems like these shortages seem to last longer each time we have one. But this one feels like we have the perfect storm conditions to keep going...I hope I'm wrong though!
  12. Uncle Sauce

    Greetings from Bloemfontein, ZA

    Welcome to AH!
  13. Uncle Sauce

    First Safari Booked (again)

    Right on! I'm like you and booked my first safari last year but cancelled due to COVID. I understand the pain on postponing. Really has screwed up a lot of my plans. Let's hope it goes better this year!
  14. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Same here - I used to be a huge Dolphins fan back when Marino was there.
  15. Uncle Sauce

    Hello from Montana

    Welcome to AH Longbow70!
  16. Uncle Sauce

    For Sale Custom Husqvarna 270 Win

    Wow - That's a real beauty! If I really needed another 270 I would jump all over that. Would be nice to give a mate to my Husky 243 though....
  17. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Yeah, a real Ho-hum game....
  18. Uncle Sauce

    New member from Virginia, USA

    Welcome to AH!
  19. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Alec Bradley - Superstition...did not burn very well. Might have been some of my fault though since I was looking for some stuff in my storage unit and was smoking it intermittently (where you have to move 20 items to find what your looking for!!). Had to relight a couple times.
  20. Uncle Sauce

    on a lighter note...

    I do remember that - Hilarious!
  21. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Haha - just like the ammo shortage too! :LOL: I should have known better that he would load up all the My Fathers....:D Sounds like a good time - enjoy the nice weather. Hope you have a good one! Good luck - heard the Costa Rican fishing is excellent!
  22. Uncle Sauce

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to AH!
  23. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    This really hit the spot this morning - this one burnt perfect! Renewed my faith in AVO!
  24. Uncle Sauce

    Favorite movie lines

    Al Pacino - Scent of a woman
  25. Uncle Sauce

    A River Never Fished

    Excellent video - well made! Thanks for sharing that.
  26. Uncle Sauce


    Welcome to AH
  27. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Gents - Cigarpage has 33% off sale on My Father boxes (last about 3 days)
  28. Uncle Sauce

    Welfare Warthog With A .38 Special 2-Shot Derringer!

    Your right - I didn't anticipate this! :giggle: Thanks for sharing!
  29. Uncle Sauce


    Has anyone seen the new bill H.R. 1 For the People Act introduced by J. Sarbanes, D-MD A few highlights below: H.R. 1, introduced in the U.S. Congress, would allow for the permanent manipulation of elections by nationalizing them. This bill has so many bad ideas in one package including...
  30. Uncle Sauce

    Greetings from a new member in Virginia

    Welcome to AH - Great photos!
  31. Uncle Sauce

    Hello from Eastern Canada

    Welcome to AH!
  32. Uncle Sauce

    What stocks are you trading today

    I received a short email from one of my investment subscriptions and they had this to say about the Gamestop trading which I thought was interesting. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Quoted by Jeff Brown (Editor): Last Thursday, we crawled...
  33. Uncle Sauce

    SOUTH AFRICA: Reminiscing By A Long Time Lurker - Somerby Safaris

    Thanks for sharing - Congrats on getting in some hunting with your work trip. Looking forward to your next report!
  34. Uncle Sauce

    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    Well, fudge....good thing I read this thread. I just checked again and to confirm same as others above: Flight from ATL to JNB is now cancelled... They'll fly me to Atlanta and I guess I just sit there until they decide to fly to JNB :LOL: On the return flight they routed me through Amsterdam...
  35. Uncle Sauce

    New To AH

    Welcome and congrats on booking!
  36. Uncle Sauce

    Hello from Georgia

    Welcome to AH!
  37. Uncle Sauce

    Favorite movie lines

    Under Siege Casey Ryback (Seagal): What made you flip like this? William Strannix (Tommy Lee Jones): I got tired of coming up with last-minute desperate solutions to impossible problems created by other f*cking people. Slingblade Vaughan Cunningham (Ritter): How about before that? Kar (Billy...
  38. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Very interesting - especially relevant regarding the corrupt politicians and institutions. Thanks for linking that!
  39. Uncle Sauce

    Unusually good quick snacks

    I had to look up what a cockle is :D but that sounds like it would be very tasty! I like about anything pickled...except pickled pigs feet - the texture isn't right to me.
  40. Uncle Sauce

    Would you like a Cigar?

    The Wise Man Gueguense: I have smoked one of these before but if I remember correctly I wasn't blown away. I would have to look back to see what I thought but now that it has aged in the humidor for probably 4+ months this was an outstanding smoke. First couple inches was a bit harsh with...