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    North Fork Bullets is getting back into production in Sweden

    Google North Fork Bullets. They are getting back into production. Good news.
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    Bullets For Buffalo

    Get Close and Use a Good Bullet! By Brian Gallup I recently tested the Peregrine Monolithic’s Bushmaster bullet in .577NE, and Cutting Edge Bullet’s Raptor in .50-110 Winchester on four Cape buffalo. I’ve got some good news, but first a little background on the bullets. Both of these bullets...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo Hunt With Pieter Kriel Of Mkulu Safaris

    Pieter is an excellent PH and hunting partner. Lots of fun, very knowledgeable, well organized and has good Vehicles/equipment. This was one of my best and most enjoyable hunts in South Africa. I have hunted in South Africa seven times and killed 9 Cape buffalo. I highly recommend Pieter...
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    Peregrine 700 grain .585 cal. Bush Master bullet

    I just got back from a 7 weeks in Africa with my family. My wife and I spent one of those weeks, cape buffalo hunting in the Lowveld. I killed 3 buffalo with CEB Raptor bullets and 1 buffalo with a 700 gr. Peregrine BushMaster bullet in my .577NE. the full bullet report will appear in The...
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    A Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting Story

    This story is published in the current issue of The African Hunting Gazette. South Africa: Year 2016 NEVER MIND THE BULL For the female of the species is more deadly than the male. Kipling, 1911 By Brian Gallup I was standing on the target range at Buffalo Land Safaris in the...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Buffalo Hunting With Kok & Seyfert At Buffalo Land Safaris

    We hunted three cows. I have hunted Cape Buffalo Bulls twice before and have killed about 60 plains game. My wife and I have spent about one year in total in South Africa and Namibia. BuffaloLand Safaris on the Klasserie River in the Low Veld. Very good farm. Well run with excellent staff...
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    YouTube video of Cape Buffalo Cow Hunt with .577NE Single Shot

    The Video of the hunt is now on You Tube. You may recognize Louis Jacobs from Buffalo Land Safaris and Kobus Kok From Kok and Seyfert. The tracker 'Lieutenant" was a great young man. People have been asking for a critique of the hunt. This is as good a place as any. I offer it honestly and...
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    Loads for 577 NE

    I am looking for suggestions for low pressure loads for my .577 NE, 700 grain cast bullet. Looking of 1800-1900 fps. Hoping someone has used Viht. N540. I am now using N550. Thanks for your comments, Brian
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    Seasons Greetings

    Thank you to everyone! The warm welcome that new members receive on this site is wonderful. Seasons Greetings to all members and their families from Brian and Sandy in BC, Canada.
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    REPORT: Good and bad experience with South African Taxidermist

    BullsEye Taxidermist in Limpopo is the best taxidermist that I have used. Craftsmanship and artistic presentation is outstanding. Service, helpfulness and price is as good as it gets. They are pretty quick too. I highly recomend Bullsye and have a Cape Buffalo with them now. Brian I had a very...
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    New Member Old Hunter

    I have found this webslte to be very helpful, so I have finally joined. My family and I have hunted and explored South Africa many times. If I can help anyone with their plans I would be happy to. I have experienced the good and the bad of exploring and hunting in South Africa. Brian