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    REPORT: Umlindi Taxidermy Eastern Cape

    I have decided to have my trophies mounted in the Eastern Cape instead of dip and pack. I have reviewed several taxidermists in the area. One is Umlindi. Does any one have any knowledge of them and there work?
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    Eastern Cape Dip and Pack

    I will be hunting the Eastern Cape this July. Looking for a reputable source to dip and pack.
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    Traveling with Firearms to SA from the USA

    I have ONE question regarding bringing firearms to SA from the USA. Can I bring two rifles, One mine and the other my Son's, in the same locked rifle case? Does TSA, the airlines, and SA allow this? Please advise. BAndryc
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    Vacinations and Medicine SA Safari

    Planning to hunt Limpopo region this July which is malaria free. However, what vaccinations (if any) and medical prescriptions are required. This is our first trip to SA. BAndryc
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    Traveling with ammunition via air travel

    I am aware of what the TSA and United Airlines (transferring to SA Airlines) state when traveling with ammunition. What I am not clear about is if the ammo is in checked luggage does the ammo container itself have to be locked? Is a plastic ammo case without a lock OK? Help would be...
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    First African Safari - Shipment of Trophys

    My Son and I will be making our first African Safari to SA July 2012. We will have the taxidermy done in the US.The question I have is can I have the hides and horns shipped directly to me so I can then decide which local Taxidermist to use? Or is their some USDA regulations that stipulate...
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    I will be making my first trip to Limpopo with my Son on a 10 day hunt. If we have time we would like to mix in a little Bird Hunting. Does this region have good Bird hunting? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, BAndryc
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    FIRST AFRICAN HUNT - 338 WIN MAG Bullets Recommended

    My Son and I will be going on our first Safari to the Limpopo region this Summer. We will be using our 338 win mags on this trip. We will be hunting: Zebra Kudu Gemsbuck Blue Wildebeast Impala Since we hand load, I will like to receive some guidance as to the type of bullet used for...
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    I have been told that you cannot bring hand loaded ammo to South Africa. That you must bring only factory boxed ammunition. Is this accurate? Please advise. Thank you, BAndryc