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    AUSTRALIA: Annual Camel Hunt

    I will just add one thing to the report for the sake of accuracy. Yes, his paramedic skills were put to good use on the cut finger of the station cook but it was a very small cut. In hindsight his intervention was just an excuse for a bloke to hold the hand of a good looking blonde who was half...
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    WANTED: Namibian outfitter wanted

    A friend and myself are in the very early stages of putting a hunt together for ourselves and another four hunters to hunt in Namibia in a couple of years time. At this point in time I'd like to make contact with, or be referred to an outfitter who could handle a party of six. Three of us have...
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    would you shoot?

    Nor me.
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    hog deer, my first attempt at this hope the vid goes through, enjoy

    Excellent footage, well done.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Report KMG Safaris In The Eastern Cape

    Great report. :thumb: There's not a day that goes past where I don't think about my trip to Namibia, and the Eastern Cape is the next on my list.
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    Recommend a Bullet for Me?

    I won't add anything to the discussion on what bullet is best, all of the suggestions are very good. The advice re practice is very valid also, but practice off sticks. Shooting sticks are probably as foreign to you as they were to me before I went to Namibia but it's essential that you...
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    G'day from Australia

    Don't do it Tim!!!! Africa is like the Hotel California...."You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...":D
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    Namibia 2012 Plains GameHunting deal for March/April 2012

    I'm not Roy, but here's his website, Trophy hunting Safaris Namibia Most of your questions are answered on the site, but I feel sure he's got a bit to add to the thread.
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    I used the Swift system to transfer some money to my outfitter in Namibia, cheap fast and painless, the rest I paid in cash. Swift money transfer This is the first part of the 21st century, it appears there's a few banks with a bit of catching up to do.
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    Virgin wonders what country to start in for Antelope

    Jack, the only thing I'll add to the good advice already given, is that you practice, practice and practice a little bit more at shooting off sticks. Make it become second nature to you and you'll find it a lot easier in the heat of the moment on your hunt. Good post Rohan (HDP Safaris)...
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    Jo'Berg in April - Use a Gun Service?

    My experience was almost identical to Phoenix Phil's except my driver didn't talk to anyone. After everything I'd seen on forums I was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was.
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    What animal do you think is the most overrated for the trophy fee? Or daily fees that make it expens

    That's exactly the type of hunt I'd like to do. I came back from Namibia (first trip to Africa) last year with a set of warthog tusks, photos and video. Have I regretted bringing more home?? No. Sounds like a lot of fun...
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    Hunting Websites - Price List Posted vs Enquire for Prices

    I've got to disagree with that sentence. The hunter is paying for the time whether it takes hours or days to find a animal that meets his/her preference. It may suit some, but paying by the inch/cm isn't something I'd do. If I was fortunate enough to come across a particularly large trophy...
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    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Arno Schultz of La Bips In Namibia

    A good friend and I spent 8 days hunting with La Bips last September. It was the first hunting trip to Africa for both of us and we were both very pleased with Arno. We hunted NW of Ojitawarongo (Alovegrove) in the bushveld and then moved south to the Kalahari. Arno is a hard working and...
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    Hunting Websites - Price List Posted vs Enquire for Prices

    I tend to bypass outfits who don't list their prices on their sites. When I have requested pricelists from some outfitters, I've found they weren't significantly different from their competitors in the same area, so why not list them? Absolutely. You may not get much of a reduction in trophy...
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    6.5x55mm for Plains Game?

    As Code4 intimated above, it was my mate who used a Sako Finnlight in 6.5x55 with me in Namibia around this time last year. He used 140gr Accubonds on the bigger animals, kudu, oryx and red hartebeest and 129gr Hornady interlocks on springbok when we did a bit of culling in the Kalahari. All...
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    What animals you guys add to your list of animals after hunting Africa

    I've only got one African trip (Namibia) under my belt but more and more bushbuck is firming as a favourite on my next trip. I'm not much of a trophy hunter but if I was fortunate enough to take one, it would be coming home with me.
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    Where do the prices come from?

    John, you would just look like a wealthy but sad old man in a Ferrari.:D Me, on the other hand, well I don't think I could get into a Ferrari and if I did I wouldn't be able to get'd have to bury me in it!!
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    Where do the prices come from?

    Because they can. There will always be the seriously wealthy to whom price is no object and accordingly there will be purveyors of goods and services to meet their demands.
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    Where do the prices come from?

    Here ya go..... even the scope mounts are umm....."well priced"..
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    The Best 180 gr 300 WM bullet for plains game

    Beau, I don't think I missed the point at all. Your words..."North Fork is the bullet for Trophy Hunting." By that I understood you to mean that any other projectile is inferior for the task you outlined. You're entitled to your opinion but I'm happy to disagree with you. Re Barnes...
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    The Best 180 gr 300 WM bullet for plains game

    Jeez, all those animals who've died over the years and were killed by by something other than a North Fork must be feeling 'ripped off'. "Best" is the bullet (preferably premium) that works in your rifle. All of the bullets listed here will do the job if you do your bit.
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    Best Caliber for plainsgame in Africa ? Your opinion

    I didn't vote. All of the calibres listed will do the job in the right hands. To my mind the ability of the hunter to shoot their rifle well and with the confidence in his/her ability to place the shot is far more important than ballistics.
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    Ruger #1 .308 For Kid

    The original topic appears to have been lost here. The OP is looking for a rifle for his son, a full house 180gr 308 load is not going to do the kid any favours at all. I've got a 1A in 7x57 (no longer made by Ruger) and with a 4x Conquest on board I thinks it's too heavy for a young bloke of...
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    The Best 180 gr 300 WM bullet for plains game

    I'd add the 180gr Woodleigh to that list as well.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris Scouting Trip

    KMG have been on a short list for my next trip to Africa. After reading this report the odds in Marius's favour have shortened considerably. :D
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    Plains Game Rifle Selection

    I'd leave the 375 at home. The 300WM with good bullets will do all you ask of it and more on plains game. Just practice, practice and practice some more on shooting off sticks. Bullet placement wins hands down over cartridge choice IMO.
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    CENTRAL AFRICA: Australian Hunter Big Fun & Successful

    Excellent photos and a very successful hunt.. Impressive pose for the first red flanked duiker...unusual but I like it. :D
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    Cape Buffalo Charge

    Brave Heart Safaris......I don't think there is an operation that is more aptly named. A lot of bravery and a big, big heart..
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    Outfitter recommendations for Namibia, any input ??

    Heath, A mate and I hunted in Namibia in September last year. It was the first hunting trip to Africa for both of us. We hunted with Arno Schulz of La Bips safaris La Bips Safaris and we couldn't have been happier with the outcome and the overall experience. The number and quality of animals...
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    Traveling with same caliber rifles

    catosilvaje, The Namibian PH I hunted with last year told me he was only allowed to own two centrefire rifles. I'm sure one of the Namibians on this forum could confirm that. If that's the case, you may be taking a gift that he can't accept. John
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    New baby at home

    Very, very nice and I think that is the perfect scope choice for a 9.3x62.
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    Which bullet to use for a Plains Game Hunt?

    I don't have a 300 Roy, but I agree with all of that. I used 165gr Woodleighs in my 300SAUM in Namibia, and they worked as advertised.
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    What Calibre to Bring on a One-Gun Safari?

    Seattlesetters, continue with that line of thought and you'll be just fine. I've only got one trip under my belt so I'm not exactly any kind of authority, but I took a 300SAUM with handloaded 165gr Woodleighs and my mate took a 6.5x55 with 140gr Accubonds and both cartridges were very...
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    Hunting Vaal Rhebok

    I think all African antelope are equipped with those..:)
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    When traveling to South Africa would you recommend using a company to go through customs with firear

    +1 on that. It took about around a half hour to process the paperwork for myself and my hunting buddy in Sept last year. A lot of that time was waiting for the rifles to arrive. Do it yourself and put the money towards another animal..:D
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    NAMIBIA: Buffalo Hunt In The Caprivi

    Uncomphgre, check the date Ikeda posted his complaint, it's an old thread. What you've added is nothing more than malicious gossip. FWIW, I haven't hunted with, and nor do I know Vaughn Fulton..
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    Last minute advices... 50 days left

    Don't sweat the small stuff, take lots and lots of photos and then take some more, and pretend you're a sponge and just suck up the whole experience because it will be like nothing you've done before..
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    Fair price for Kudu bull in South Africa?

    +1 It's a personal thing for me, but I wouldn't hunt with an outfitter who charged by the inch. I believe your attitude is the right one Marius, soft or not..:)
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    Air New Zealand traveling with ammunition

    A lot of Aussies hunters fly with Air New Zealand (myself included) and it's not a problem. New Zealand is a bit of a rarity in the hunting world, it's a hunter friendly country. I haven't looked at Air NZ's website, but I'm confident you won't have any problems.
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    Where would you go for a BIG impala and a BIG springbok?

    From the hunting pics on his site, Ingo Gladis has some pretty impressive springbok on his property. Wilsonfontein Hunting Farm
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    Ultimate Springbok Rifle

    Karl, you can't get away that easily. Please post some details on the other rifles in that photo, Number 4 in particular. Cheers, John
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    Ultimate Springbok Rifle

    25/06, 6.5/284 or 6.5/06 are all flat shooters and with light for caliber Barnes or Accubonds they would all be superb. I suppose you could include that old dinosaur, the 264 Win mag in that bunch as well. :D
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    308 Win or 300 WSM for plains?

    +1 I took a 300SAUM running handloads with 165gr Woodleighs and I was very pleased the way it performed. Having said that, I could have taken the same shots with a 308 and the result would have been the same. Take the Kimber, feed it premium 165's and you won't be sorry.
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    Double rifle for a child

    You've lost me.....the thread title is "Double rifle for a child" and then you're straight into talking about .410 shotgun choices.........
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    Buffalo Australian style

    Just a small correction here Paul, the markets are a Kuranda, not Miranda, and to add to that, you can catch a tourist train to Kuranda from Cairns and take the Skyrail (cable car) down over the rainforest canopy to the bottom station and then take a bus back to Cairns. I highly recommend this...
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    Hello all

    You've got a couple of nice rifles there Dale. The Tikka LSA 55's are a popular model here in Australia. The current Tikka T3's are a very good seller here as well. I bought my first Ruger, a 77 in 243 in 1977 and I don't think I've been without a Ruger in the safe ever since. I've currently got...
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    Hunting Lion in Namibia available for one month only!

    Deleted post, should have read the previous one, same question.. John
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    Support your AH Outfitters - with reasons

    Jacques, the internet has been an absolutely vital tool for me in selecting an outfitter. Australia only has two hunting show a year and while one of those is within easy reach for me, the other which is the largest, is a nine hour drive each way. I won't go into the costs but it would amount...
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    Support your AH Outfitters - with reasons

    Tom, I'm sorry if it came across that way, it certainly wasn't intended. A couple of the outfitters who are active on this forum are on my short list for my next trip to Africa, but there's a couple of non forumites on there as well.