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    Would Like To Thin Things Out

    How can I list some items here and being the first time I’ve raised the courage to do so gain some trust that I have what I say I do? Are there trusted members in Chicagoland area that could verify what I intend to list? I read about listings that “Appeared” real and then??? How about I start...
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    Good gunsmiths around Chicago?

    Need chamber castings done on 2 rifles I have. Buddy has handgun that needs to have work done. Seems there’s a lack of quality ‘smiths around Chi-town. Any members here still in Illinois? I’m trying to escape from “crook” county very soon. Thanks for any help in advance
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    New member, searching 350 mag Rigbys

    nice site! Been searching for info on Rigby Mauser 350 magnums. I hope more info is still out there. I’ve owned my 350’s for 18 years now, and back then the gun bible only had Rigby’s as a footnote. I do have Mr Speed and Mr Olson books, both of which have great history and build specs. Great...